Thank you for coming to our event!

We wanted to give a special THANK YOU to everyone that attended our Gone Fishing Event last month! As you may remember, our theme was ‘Stay in the Boat’. We enjoyed some excellent food by our own Grill Masters with Local Grassfed Beef by KM Montana, and also some yummy dessert by Delectable Desserts! And don’t

Don’t celebrate before the buzzer.

Have you ever experienced the last 3 minutes of a game? It could be any game. Even a game that doesn’t have time constraints. It could be the last inning, race, 20 meters…. I am referring to the moment when you could either give up, or keep pushing forward…… When we look at these last

Tips to Buying your First Home

Buying a home can be either one of the best or worst decisions you ever make and when you decide to give it a try, it is a thought-provoking process. A process that some people may have a hard time understanding. Last year, we bought a home. When you have 2 eager kids, it is