A few things about me… I worked in Healthcare 15 years before switching paths to pursue a career in finance. Working in Healthcare showed me that I possess a lot of grit. I don’t give up. I find solutions in difficult circumstances. I’m always willing to fight for what is right. I’m passionate about making sure people are taken care of.

Outside of work ~

I love to spend time with my family – including the dogs, of course!! I really enjoy spending time outdoors – specifically hiking, riding horses, fishing,  camping, boating, paddle boarding, and the ocean. I love to bake, go shopping, read a good book, and love coffee – in all forms.

What I love most about working in the mortgage industry:

I was traveling recently, hanging out with my kids in the hotel and wearing my “I love mortgages” shirt. A girl around 12 years old asked me if it was meant to be funny – or if it was real and had to do with my career. I told her it was real and my team had given it to me. She asked me why I loved mortgages and I really had to take a minute and think about my answer. Giving is what it really boils down to for me. I love to give to other people. I love to educate folks on opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have. I think it is so exciting and fun to help people make their dreams come true. I joke with my kids that I didn’t have enough of my own money to give away, so I figured out the next best thing – I found a career that lets me give other people’s money!!

All jokes aside, I’ve been blessed with a wonderful team that makes the magic happen behind the scenes. I am very thankful for each and every one of them. They make it a joy to do what we do.