Please be careful not to get ripped off by your “Good Neighbor” and other “Corporate Friends”


Hey, friends, just wanted to give a quick update to everybody who likes and follows Black Diamond Mortgage, I last posted something live like this was about this time last year, warning everybody to pay your mortgage and to don’t panic because everything was shutting down. And wow, what a year it’s been. Recently, though, we’ve noticed something that I just feel obligated to warn our friends and clients about, which is paying attention to people that you’re seeing that are your good neighbor or I was watching the NCAA championship and saw some advertisements that just got me thinking that a lot of people will provide their information to large corporations that look funny on TV or cool or whatever. But it’s been my experience that some of these insurance companies and these other financial companies are just hoping that because they have your name, date of birth and Social Security number, that it would just be easier for you to go with them for services such as insurance and mortgage. And they are overcharging you big time. You have to get a second quote. I highly recommend that you do.

So we’ve been seen in our office that people that apply with these companies for mortgages and insurance will often be overpaying by significant margins and we can tell immediately. So all I ask is that if you’re middle of trying it, go ahead and just give it to somebody you trust, like us to just make sure that you’re getting a good deal. Looking forward many days like the one behind me. Beautiful day and providing you guys great service.

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