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We always want to be available to answer your specific questions (406) 862-4999, but if we’re not, here’s where we find most of them:

Conventional Loan Rules (Fannie Mae Selling Guide)

  • Section B-2-2: Borrower Eligibility
  • Section B-2-3: Property Eligibility
  • Section B-3-3: Income
  • Section B-3-4: Assets (Funds)

Product Guide for all loans from one of our many investors:  Homebridge Wholesale Mortgage Guidelines 

FHA Loan Rules (FHA Borrower Guidelines)

USDA RD Loan Rules (RD Guidelines)

Jumbo Mortgages (Over $417K), Canadian Mortgages, Land Loans, Non-FHA Approved Condos and Construction Loans have their own unique rules based on the individual bank offering the loan. In general, the terms are more conservative (in favor of the bank) than Conventional, FHA or USDA RD. Call us for specific questions on these products and for questions on underwriting guidelines.

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