Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation is an original Montana Company providing loans to buy homes and many home loan refinance opportunities. As the Experts in Real Estate Finance, we work with clients to help them buy a home, build a home, lower their monthly payments, shorten the life of their loan, consolidate debt, improve their home, and many other lending options that rely on real estate for security of a loan.

Our Team at Black Diamond Mortgage treats every client transaction as if it is the most important financial event that they will ever handle! Our company strives to operate with high integrity and assist clients in successfully closing on their mortgage loan.

We partner with many lending institutions to insure the best borrowing options for all our clients. Our available loans include; USDA RD, FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, some “portfolio / in-house” lending, all researched to give you many available options for success.

Our employees are empowered to solve problems, providing for a more positive client experience. We love to handle challenges, and every day we learn something new. Many clients have chosen to do business with Black Diamond Mortgage because of our honesty and ethics that have been appreciated by our many past clients.

You won’t miss out on anything by choosing a mortgage brokerage like Black Diamond Mortgage, instead of a traditional retail bank….our employee knowledge, service and professionalism are far better than what you will experience at a retail bank, and the money for your mortgage is “just as available,” and we just happen to have more places to look to find your money so that it will be provided for your loan, right when you need it!ss

Black Diamond Mortgage BBB Business Review

Our Professional Mortgage Loan Originators

Dave Boye Broker/Owner

David Boye


Maria Phelps Operations Manager

Maria Phelps

Ops Mgr/Loan Officer

Matt Rizzolo Loan Officer

Matt Rizzolo

Loan Officer

Terry Falk Loan Officer

Terry Falk

Loan Officer

Zach Falk

Loan Officer

Darel Handley

Darel Handley

Loan Officer

Adelina Hanson

Loan Officer

Sam Scheel

Sam Scheel

Loan Officer

Our support staff

Naomi Herzberg

Compliance Officer

Heather Nelson

Title and Appraisal Mgr