A Little History

David Boye and Maria Phelps

Black Diamond Mortgage started in 2008 as a one man shop right as the housing crisis was underway. David Boye left another brokers office to chance it on his own.  Dave stuck it out through some hard years and came out ahead and became what we call an “Expert” in Real Estate Finance. Seeing both the ups and downs of the economy through the housing crisis.

It took Dave until 2012 to hire his first employee and then until 2014 to hire another producing loan officer.

In 2015, there was a turn for the better in the mortgage world and Dave realized he needed to hire more staff. He hired Maria Phelps as well as another support staff. Since 2015, Dave had to give up a few of the duties that he held on to. Once Maria was given some freedom, she developed a custom CRM, Marketing Strategies as well as a solid processing system, and Black Diamond Mortgage grew!  It was the passing of the torch that really helped the company grow as well as developing a ‘Top Notch’ Team Dynamic.

As of December 31,2021, Black Diamond Mortgage is now Co-Owned by David Boye and Maria Phelps.

We want Black Diamond Mortgage to grow even more and be better for our clients. Dave knew he had to get his team involved more and that included bringing Maria on as an owner.

Now, moving forward, you will see that Black Diamond Mortgage is no longer a ‘one man’ shop. It is now co-owned by a woman (some people call her Wonder Woman), and is full of a strong and powerful group of licensed professionals here to help YOU!

Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation is an original Montana Company providing loans for your primary, secondary or investment home purchase. We also offer loans for refinancing your existing home, construction options, down payment assistant and even Non-QM (Non-Qualified Mortgage) loan opportunities.

As the Experts in Real Estate Finance, we work with clients to help them buy a home, build a home, lower their monthly payments, shorten the life of their loan, consolidate debt, improve their home, and many other lending options that rely on real estate for security of a loan.

Our company strives to operate with high integrity and assist clients in successfully closing on their mortgage loan.

Our available loans include; USDA RD, FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, some “portfolio / in-house” lending, all researched to give you many available options for success.

Zach and Sam Working Together

Dave-Zach-Maria working together

Our employees are empowered to solve problems which helps provide a more positive client experience. We love to handle challenges, and every day we learn something new. Many clients have chosen to do business with Black Diamond Mortgage because of our honesty and ethics that have been appreciated by our many past clients.

You won’t miss out on anything by choosing a mortgage brokerage like Black Diamond Mortgage, instead of a traditional retail bank. Our employee knowledge, service and professionalism are far better than what you will experience at a retail bank. The money for your mortgage is “just as available,” with us and you have access to it just as fast as a retail bank.

Our Professional Mortgage Loan Originators

David Boye Black Diamond Mortgage

David Boye


Maria Phelps Black Diamond Mortgage

Maria Phelps


Terry FalkTerry Falk

Loan Officer

Zach Falk Black Diamond Mortgage

Zach Falk

Sales and Processing Manager / Loan Officer

Rylee Kuntz

Rylee Kuntz

Loan Officer

Senior Loan Processor Heather

Heather Nelson

Loan Officer

Kristina Stratton

Kristina Stratton

Loan Officer / Transaction Manager

Naomi Herzberg - Bookkeeping Compliance

Naomi Herzberg

Bookkeeper / Compliance Officer / Loan Officer

Tyler BennettTyler Bennett

Loan Officer

Steven Lapp

Loan Officer