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NMLS Consumer Access License #1403722

Montana Native, Maria Phelps came to Black Diamond Mortgage summer of 2015, just a few short months after making her own home purchase through the company.

“My experience with our home purchase was amazing. From the hard work of our loan officer, to the timeliness of getting us into our home. I knew the company before but felt like part of the family when we were going through the process.”

Maria came from a strong military family with the ‘never give up’ attitude.  Little did she know it, but ‘giving up’ was what brought her to Black Diamond Mortgage.

Maria had a great future ahead when she graduated High School from Whitefish High. She held the school long jump record (and still does) and was on her way to Montana State University to compete as a Heptathlete for the team and become a Physical Therapist. After 3 short semesters, Maria actually dropped out of school and came back home.

It was not the place for me. Being away from home was hard and it just wasn’t a fit.

It took Maria 10 years to finish College after she dropped out but in 2011, she received her Degree in Business Management and Marketing.

I remember asking myself ‘what am I going to do now’, then 2 months later I started my own company!

Becoming an Entrepreneur was one of the best decisions of her life (besides God, her Husband and Kids of course), because it taught her that ‘giving up’ doesn’t always mean devastation or failure, it meant growth for Maria and that she was moving forward.

Maria owned her own Marketing company for 5 years, during which she met the owners of Black Diamond Mortgage, David and Jen Boye, and fell in love with the ethics of the company. She worked for the company as a contractor doing the marketing and helping the company go fully remote (which ultimately secured her job for the future).

When I decided to work for Black Diamond Mortgage and become a Loan Officer, I had to make yet another big decision……to close down my company……however, this decision made sense to me. I loved helping people with Marketing, but the hug I get from helping someone get into their first home, now that is priceless.

Maria is the Operations Manager at Black Diamond Mortgage and her ‘never give up’ attitude boils over to her desk as she is responsible for closing deals and making things happen.

Triathlon SwimIn Maria’s spare time, she enjoys all things active… She has recently taken her Heptathlon experience to the Triathlon world and competes in local Triathlons and running events around the state. Running and Biking were natural for Maria, but swimming was never on her agenda until 2019. She had to learn to swim. Luckily, with her natural athletic ability, it is coming along nicely! Eventually she will move on to competing in a 70.3 1/2 Ironman (goal for 2021), to a Full Ironman in 2022.  Her goal is to keep getting better physically because it helps her mentally as well. She is also encouraging her family to run and be more physically active for long term health as she has an autoimmune disease (Sjogren’s Syndrome), that has taken years to overcome.

Understanding my autoimmune disease and how devastating it can be was very difficult at first. However, once I knew what I was battling, I decided to take charge.  I have had to learn how to heal my body and get the proper fuel and rest to keep doing the things I love. It has also helped me to help my family be healthier as well. We can’t prevent everything, but we can do more to allow our own bodies to heal. Understanding this has allowed me to go from barely walking around the block 3 years ago, to being the fittest and most active I have ever been… and I’m 38… so I have a lot more in me!

Recently, Maria has also encouraged a few of her co-workers to head out on midday runs…. her hope is to show everyone that not only does being active help with overall health, but it also helps with overall productivity at work and home. Team Run

Around the Community

-2015 to 2018, Director of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce

-2015 to 2017, Director of the Montana Ambassadors

-2014 President of the Flathead Area Young Professionals

-2014, 2015 Volunteer for TEDxBozeman

-2014 Volunteer for TEDxWhitefish

-2015 License Holder and Executive Director for TEDxWhitefish

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