Super Fast Lane Woman…..came to be because, first off, we are woman, and secondly, we all have a lot going on and it just makes sense that we live life in the Super Fast Lane. Whether you are a working mom, business woman, wife, single gal, homeschool mom, soon to be mom or a gal that isn’t in any of those categories, there is something here for you!

We strive for Integrity by Empowering Women to be Transparent. Integrity isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being real. Empowerment isn’t about being pushy, it’s about leading and transparency is just that. Allowing others to see the true you.

Real Leaders, Being True, for Others to See!

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My Most “Ram”bunctious Interview Yet!

Listen on Spotify: Dave: [00:00:01] Welcome back to Making It Work in Montana. My name is David Boye, and I’m here today with Jenna Gilliland. Jenna: [00:00:08] Hi, Dave. Hi, everyone. Dave: [00:00:10] And making it work in Montana is about whatever I think is interesting about making it work in Montana. Indeed, we’re up […]

Chelsea Speer – Turning Point Dance

We’re back in the studio here at Making It Work in Montana, and we have done a lot of episodes since we started. We’ve talked to a guy that was mauled by a grizzly bear. We’ve talked to home builders, mountaineers. A lot of things you think about when you think of Montana. But what […]

Stephanie Breck – From Addiction to Fitness

Stephanie is with us to share her story about alcohol addiction, being and Attorney, a 53 year old influencer, and Swimsuit Competitor! Hear her story about her struggles and triumphs. She shares how she got into fitness and how it led her to sobriety. Also hear some behind the scenes into the fitness world and […]

Jess Cerra – Entrepreneur, Chef, Cyclist and Founder of the Last Best Ride

And we are BACK! After a long stretch and COVID craziness, I have a treat for you! Jess Cerra is defined as a Super Fast Lane Women…. she comes from a small but very well known town of Whitefish, Montana. Jess was raised in Whitefish and impacted greatly by the resources from the High School […]

How VO2 Max Intervals are Related to Business.

If you are an athlete, you know what VO2 Max Intervals are… but if you are not an athlete, the term may be somewhat foreign to you. VO2 Max Intervals are short spurts of high intensity work followed by easier, not so taxing work to prepare for the next hard interval. These intervals can be […]

The Reason I TRI

I have left out a few holes in my story…. You may have heard bits and pieces of my journey… but today, I want to share something different. I want to share a time period of my life that directed me to my passion for a Triathlon…. Yes, a PASSION for a Triathlon. You see, […]

Lottie Ellis – Life as a College Senior and Moving Forward

Hear Lottie’s Story about her transition from High School to College and the complexities of relationships, grieving and athletics…. Hear her passion for Christ and what she plans to do now! Listen Here or head to to Apple Podcasts to hear this and more. Lottie Ellis [00:00:02] Welcome to Super Fast Lane Woman podcast. Today […]

I know that I know, that I already know…

Today I come to you with a little vulnerability….You see, I am human and I have doubts, troubles, ‘issues’ and insecurities just like everyone else. What I also know is that I CAN get through it, and that I AM STRONG enough and SMART enough….. I AM GOOD ENOUGH. But, why does this viscous cycle […]

What 100 Days of Sobriety and Healthy Choices has done for ME!

First point I want to make is that yes….I allowed a simple pleasure (and many simple pleasures) to become a crutch in my life. I was becoming dependent and it didn’t make me feel better, or ‘cure’ my autoimmune disease. It just covered up pain for a few hours….just to start hurting again…. 100 days […]

Podcast – Katie Storm on Changes for the Good

Listen to ‘THE Katie Storm’. Katie is a mom, entrepreneur and employee. She is also an influencer especially to other moms around her and through her Church. Hear Katie’s background, job changes, health, being a single mom, and learn about some new ventures she is working on. You will feel encouraged as you hear her […]

The days of frustration with a Chronic Illness

When you in the midst of dealing with the ups and downs of an autoimmune disorder or other chronic illness (sometimes we call these flairs), it becomes very frustrating as there is often no consistency… That is the frustrating part…the frustration of a Chronic Illness….   Today is one of those frustrating days… For the […]

Are you a Super Fast Lane Woman?

Do you fit in the ‘box’? Super Fast Lane Woman was originally created several years ago when I realized I personally didn’t fit into a certain ‘box’….I wasn’t just a stay at home mom, I wasn’t just a business owner, I wasn’t just a wife, or a sister or student. I wasn’t going to be […]

The Strength in our Own Understanding

Thanksgiving morning I was determined to get my workout done, prep the turkey and finish all the things I needed to finish (early), so we could truly be just ‘chillin’ on Thanksgiving day. I was about 15 minutes into my bike ride when I received a text from my mom….. “Kim has passed. I didn’t […]

Why Learning Something New is Important to your Brain!

This seems like a simple concept right…but how often do people actually learn something new? I’m not talking about reading a few articles, or leaning a skill at work….. I’m talking about literally learning something completely new, something that you have never done before AND that uses a completely different side of your brain… A […]

Podcast – Sara Hammel – Super Fast lane Woman

Today, I have the privilege of interviewing my sister, Sara Hammel, and she is the first ‘interviewee of Super Fast Lane Woman! Sara is a wife, mom of 4, women’s boutique owner, speech language pathologist, homeschooling mom AND public school mom, middle child, wonderful aunt, sister and daughter….as well as a powerful influencer in our […]

How to change your Work and Home Life, for good.

I’m not sharing any rocket science here. BUT, if you choose to read on, you may just learn something. I will even share 4 actionable items that will change you, TODAY! Imagine waking up one morning (and have this morning be your birthday), in excruciating pain. Stomach pain worse than anything you can imagine and […]

The words we use….makes badassary, or not…

I was sitting at my computer and received a text from my boss. The text was referring to some video and photos that he just uploaded to our ‘cloud’ for a campaign we were working on. And the text was simply, “are you going to be able to do the video tonight?” I had planned […]

When you have a million food restrictions and have come to peace with it….

Okay, I’m not trying to ‘bitch’ here but sometimes I want to scream. (I actually just wrote that first sentence for effect)…. I seriously love how people are concerned about my health and worry about me. I truly have some amazing friends. And my family is absolutely supportive of my problems…..but here is the thing….if […]

The Shift From ‘Sorry’ to ‘Getting it Done’

There have been a lot of books and blogs lately about making sure you ‘stop apologizing’. The book ‘Girl Stop Apologizing’ by Rachel Hollis and ‘Confidence Creator’ by Heather Monahan are two that I have read recently that highlight the topic. Obviously, in my small view, I am only listing two but there are many […]

How 10 minutes changed my life

Many of you know my story, but a majority don’t. I will share more details over time about the ‘whole’ picture, but today I want to tell you how 10 minutes literally changed my life. Back up to March of 2018. I had been dealing with some health issues that I really didn’t know much […]

What waking up at 4:30am has done to me

I used to struggle waking up anytime before 5. Honestly. I would wake up at 4:30 but hit the snooze 2-3 times before getting out of bed.  This constant cycle of just dragging myself out of bed had its time on me.. I was more sluggish and tired by the end of the day that […]

Why Super Fast Lane Woman?

Okay….so why is this page here? Super Fast Lane Woman was an idea I envisioned years ago and because of my life in the ‘fast lane’, it took a bit to get it on paper. Go figure…I’m a busy lady. Super Fast Lane Woman, or let’s call it SFLW for short… is about being a […]

Yes, I had Bulimia…. now what..

This is a hard topic for me, but one I am very open to discuss. Today, November 9th, 2019, was not going to be the day that I wrote about this, but today I saw a woman share her story and it hit me hard. Mary Cain, a runner (and a really good one at […]

Meet a Super Fast Lane Woman:

Maria Phelps Operations ManagerMaria Phelps is one of two Broker/Owners at Black Diamond Mortgage….but that isn’t all she is….she has a passion for people but in a way that showcases who they are in the Real World…. Real Women, Real Life and BUSY!  For more DIRT on the WHY of this page, check out this POST – It may just spark a fire under your feet.

Maria has a husband of 16 years, a 15 year old boy and 12 year old girl. Maria went from Stay at Home Homeschool Mom, to Business Owner, To Business SHUT DOWN, to Manager of one of the most respected Mortgage Companies in Montana to now a Broker/Owner of Black Diamond Mortgage. Her ups and downs brought her to the perfect place: life in the Fast Lane.