At Black Diamond Mortgage, we want to provide not only great mortgage products but resources that help you get the deal done and grow your current customer base! With over 60 years of Mortgage Experience, including business management and marketing, our team has the tools you need to successfully operate your business to create more sales and customer retention. Offering everything from answering your unique property questions and loan scenarios, to helping assist you with client classes, marketing your brand and much more.Zach and Sam Working Together

We offer many tools in our Marketing Toolbox for Real Estate Agents, Title Companies, Business Associates, Business Owners, Clients and really anyone that needs assistance with marketing and getting their name and brand noticed. We have years of experience in Marketing and Branding and we want to share it with you.

See below our suite of available options and contact us if you have any other needs that are not listed. We are here for you!

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Also Check out our Recorded and Scheduled Classes that may fit your needs! Head HERE

Loan Hotline

– Text or call our loan hotline 406-862-4999 for any mortgage questions, and we welcome inquiries intended to help close a deal where we aren’t even the lender. We answer with guidelines “from the source” that can be double checked.   The texting option is quick and easy. It is monitored at all hours so if you can’t reach us via phone, text us and we will get back to you quick! We take pride in being available as we know most other financial institutions are not available on nights and weekends. This also allows you to get pre approvals on evenings and weekends! Which is important to secure the deal!

Communication / CRM Tools:

– Text/email links/topics/mortgage stages throughout the entire process!

– Continued communication from pre-approval, to application taken, to appraisal ordered, closing disclosures delivered and CLEAR TO CLOSE! 


Online Topic Library

– Webpage library of information- all the answers online, or just ask us to find them and send them.


Online Live Chat

– To answer general questions and connect you with the correct loan professional. ***See bottom right hand corner of this page***


Mortgage Connections throughout the entire country

– Ability to help with out of state referrals to make sure clients have options outside of the state from credible sources. 

– Brokers are Better, Women of Mortgage, and VettedVA National Network for all of Montana and the USA (access for our friends / partners)


Member of Several Organizations Nationally and Locally

– AIME (Association of Independent Mortgage Experts) – branded content, videos, blogs, resources (access for our friends / partners from across the country). 

– Better Business Bureau member (access for our friends / partners)

– Whitefish, Kalispell, Columbia Falls and Bigfork Chambers of Commerce members (access for our friends / partners)


Direct to President local bank relationships 

– Freedom Bank, American Bank, Valley Bank and others (access for our friends / partners)


Market Transparency:

– We can share wholesale pricing to help determine if the best rate and cost is being offered with any lender.

– Market news (subscribe for -daily information, live information)- 

– Market Data / Statistics Influencers:  Logan Mohtashami, Matthew Graham (Follow them , or request key topics on video to be provided)


Marketing – For business partners – We provide this for them 

– Podcast interview (video or audio only)- transcribed, permanent branded webpage

– Social media content package (photos, marketing collateral, video) free branded content

– Course offering to a specific place of business, recorded, offered streaming live with permanent content delivery. 

– Open House Flyers, Marketing Flyers and Branding Assistance

We can help design and provide files for referral partners to use. 


Borrower portal

– Secure individual application and document delivery system

– Instant, custom approval letters- status on approval progress


Construction Assistance

– Everything you need to know to build a home



– Monthly activities that can be participated in (exercise, sailing, hiking, golfing). 

– Follow our employees / sponsored athletes for inspiration, education and motivation

– Get sponsored by us to help fund your next adventure. 



– We provide lots of information on our lives and desire real relationships that go well beyond mortgage transactions and encourage interaction on social media and outside of our office. 

– We care about the people we interact with, it is more than just us trying to sell a loan. 


Comprehensive database on who excels at everything!

– Need a CPA, Lawyer, Church, Contractor- our 15 year database of relationships can help you get the best in any industry recommended to you/ 


Proper Recommendations that fit YOU

– We view mortgage transactions as if we were the ones personally make the decisions, which may lead us to recommend something other than our services (meaning we don’t get paid) simply because it’s the right thing to do. 


Current Market Analysis

– Comprehensive market analysis with the ability to accurately predict appraised values, in most cases. We can do this internally or engage partners in the industry to develop the data we need


Creatively and Logically Pre-Underwrite Loans

– We creatively and logically pre-underwrite.  We hate “no” as an answer and therefore work toward creative solutions to challenging mortgage scenarios, resulting in more people owning homes.


We Compete

– Bottom line is that we like to win, because when we win our client’s win, therefore generating win-win scenarios. It’s almost never too late to “switch horses in the middle of the stream,” so reach out to Black Diamond to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Then, trust that if you are, we’ll tell you (reference #1 above)