At Black Diamond Mortgage, we work to make sure every person that comes through our doors is educated in how the Mortgage process works, especially on their own transaction. This is where our Training and Speaking opportunities make a difference. Many times we will have clients come in that are not ready for a new mortgage for several months or even years. When they walk out our doors, they have a plan for the future, and steps they need to take to make the mortgage transaction beneficial to them.

However, over the years we have found that our way of thinking an educating our clients is one of the key elements in successful business practices. Therefore, we have worked to create a series of education pieces from general business practice, to marketing and customer service that all businesses can benefit from.

Our team at Black Diamond Mortgage has years of experience in Leadership, Business Management, Marketing and Sales. With our team and several other Leaders in our community, we put together presentations for your staff that is catered to your businesses needs. We will work with you to target the needs your company has now, for success in the future. And, it is at no charge to you.

Mortgages and 4th Graders

David Boye – Mortgages and 4th Graders

These training and speaking presentations can be short, 30-60 minute training’s, or we can put together a 1/2 day workshop that covers everything you may face in your business.

We have also presented to elementary through high school students as well!

Our Team of Thought Leaders and their prior education pieces and topics are listed below. Please call our office at 406-862-4999 to inquire about this FREE opportunity for your company.


Understanding Self Employment and Mortgages

Analyzing Self-Employed Clients FOR FUTURE HOME BUYING How lenders approve self-employed income Watch the full class now! Notes are provided for the class below. Use this PDF for the Supplemental documents mentioned in the video – Supplemental Documents-PDFAnd the PDF version of this webpage here – Self Employed Class November 2021 When determining the appropriate qualifying […]

Credit Scores & Credit Fundamentals

Credit Scores & Fundamentals course outline: The Cost of Poor Credit 3 Major Categories of “Credit Condition” Accurately know your credit What a creditor needs to loan to someone who has made mistake(s) Precision Credit Group ( ) Technical stuff Q&A The Cost of Poor Credit Delayed purchases Higher Interest Rates Ability to buy nicer […]

JUMBO Mortgages! 1 Hour Crash Course!

  Course Outline JUMBO MORTGAGES – Introduction Do you actually need a JUMBO mortgage? Try to work with what you know JUMBOS are different (Why are they different?) Different ways of funding JUMBOS – Sources Property Valuation (Collateral) – Appraisal considerations QM vs NON-QM (underwriting regulation) Asset rich, but “income poor” JUMBO- Pre-Approval vs. Underwriting […]

Our 2021 and 2022 future topics and date’s include:

  • Understanding the Closing Process – December 2021
  • Maximizing your Real Estate Empire – January 2022

Interested in Hosting a Class?

Topics Can include:

  • Marketing
  • Social Media/Marketing
  • 7 Qualities of Top Sales Professionals
  • How to ‘Close the Deal’
  • Avoid Small Talk
  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Why Major Life Changes Cause Major Life Changes
  • Developing your Power Team
  • Turn the No’s into Yes’
  • Value of Referrals
  • Visibility, Credibility, Profitability
  • How to use Cold Calling and Direct Mail
  • Credit Repair
  • What are the different loan Programs
  • Understanding different Generations and how it affects your Marketing
  • Linked In – How to
  • Business Tracking
  • Understanding your WHY
  • and many more…….

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