Katie StormListen to ‘THE Katie Storm’. Katie is a mom, entrepreneur and employee. She is also an influencer especially to other moms around her and through her Church. Hear Katie’s background, job changes, health, being a single mom, and learn about some new ventures she is working on. You will feel encouraged as you hear her story!

[00:00:01] Welcome to the Super Fast Lane Woman podcast.

[00:00:05] Now Super Fast Lane Woman was originally created several years ago when I realized I personally didn’t fit into a certain box. I wasn’t just a stay at home mom. I wasn’t just a business owner. I wasn’t just a wife or a sister or student. I wasn’t going to be just one thing. And I quickly realized that I didn’t have just one talent or a specialty. I had many. I didn’t want just one. And when I tried, I end up falling short of what really let me up inside. So super fast. Lane woman was born, women wearing multiple hats, always going, going, going and having a hell of a story to tell and just living life in the fast lane. We are women and we have a lot to say. We have been through a lot and we can learn from one another.

[00:00:48] Women’s leadership can present itself through teenagers on up to grandmas. Each one of us learns at a different pace in each life. Experience can help another super fast lane woman is to hear is here to help moms, sisters, teenagers, aspiring leaders, teachers, production workers. Literally anyone that calls themselves a woman be the best that they can be by loving who they are and who they are working to be. In shining a light on the little things that make us live life in the fast lane. It’s about helping each other grow by sharing our stories. You will hear stories of other women all working their way through the business and becoming successful in their own eyes. Listen to their stories and sit in the passenger seat of their ride. You may just learn something about yourself along the way. And today I have the privilege of interviewing Katie Storm and her last name actually says it all. She is a powerful storm and has quite the story to tell. Katie is a mom, entrepreneur and employee, and we’ll get to those details later. And an influencer, especially to other moms around her and through her church. Welcome, Katie. Hi. Thanks for having me.

[00:02:00] Yeah. It’s a pleasure. I am excited that you had responded to a message that I posted on Facebook. And immediately I was like, why did I not think of Katie store to do this interview? So, Katie, first of all, you know, I feel like I know enough about you. But then the more you post on Facebook with your livestreams and everything, I realize that I don’t know a lot about you. So I love to hear your background. Like, did you come from the Flat Head Valley or like, where are you from? So tell me a little bit about your background.

[00:02:32] Yeah. So I actually had a really good childhood.

[00:02:36] We did move a lot. My dad was in the military when I was born. So we lived over on the East Coast in Virginia. I was born in Washington, D.C. at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which is where the presidents go.

[00:02:53] Wow. I think that’s pretty cool.

[00:02:58] And then we moved back over to the northwest, into Oregon, down into Idaho, up into Washington State and then over into Montana roughly 20 years ago.

[00:03:11] So most of my life I’ve been here in Montana.

[00:03:16] How old are you? Katie? Thirty two. OK. And did you go to school in White Fish or Kalispell or so? OK. What year did you graduate? Nice. Now, what was your decision to not go to college? Like, how did you make that decision?

[00:03:35] Honestly, right out of the gates of high school, I had a really good job with Les Schwab Tire Center that paid me well and it had learning curves. And so I just decided not to get myself into student debt. I didn’t know what I would go to school for anyway. At that time, that’s good.

[00:03:54] And now you worked for les Schwab for a really long time. 15 years. Yeah. And you just recently quit? I do. I do. Now, I was going to talk about that later. But that kind of is a good transition here. So you worked there for 15 years. Very say benefits everything. What was the challenge about working at Schwab?

[00:04:17] Well, for those that don’t know, I’m a single mom. And the hours vary. So, you know, I’d say half of the year you work an average 40.

[00:04:30] Sometimes, though, you get sent home early. Sometimes you’re expected to stay longer. Up to like seventy five media weeks. And I met, you know, I don’t have a husband at home. You know, the tag team would be like, hey, I’m not going to be home until 8:00 tonight. Can you make dinner? Get the kids in bed? With that being said, her dad is in our lives, but not in our home. So it was just super hard. And that aside, I miss my. Old I mean, from 7 weeks old until recently, she’s a she’s a little over three. I just feel like I missed out on so much. We missed each other. Just 14, 15 hours a day was just too much.

[00:05:14] A lot. And then I feel like behaviors can happen. And she doesn’t mean to be a little brat. But I mean, I went through I went through that with my kids where it’s like they’re they’re having a hard time, but it’s because they’re not able to spend time with mom and stuff. They need their mom. Now, the other challenge, though. How many men were there compared to women?

[00:05:37] I was the only girl that read have and we had a crew about anywhere from eleven to fifteen. So. Wow. Yeah. So testosterone in one building.

[00:05:47] Oh my gosh. Then what prompted you to change careers and tell us what you do now?

[00:05:53] I work for a commercial construction company that just moved their main office here to Kalispell. It’s called Tricon and I work in the offices admin assistant. Although know I’m already working my way up. But. I actually wasn’t looking for a job. I was actively looking for a job. One of my friends who I actually don’t know that well, but I would still consider her friend started working for the company and she said, hey, we’re looking for an admin assistant. Would you be interested? And I was like, yeah, sure, I guess I’ll listen. But like I mean. I I have looked for a job before just because of the complications of the hours. But nothing even came close to what I was doing. What are you getting at? Right. Benefits and pay.

[00:06:54] But I went and I listened anyways.

[00:06:57] And it’s it’s kind of a funny story because I actually told them no.

[00:07:00] At first I said sorry, but your benefits just aren’t as good. I’ve got to stay. Oh, no.

[00:07:08] And they said, OK, well, let us know if you reconsider. And I immediately just felt like that was the wrong decision. So you can feel it inside. Yeah.

[00:07:15] Something deep down was just like, no, that was not what you were supposed to do. And I cried, like, I immediately started crying. And I just didn’t feel good about it.

[00:07:24] And I was proud of myself. I mean, I had not ever had a real job interview in my entire life. Wow. Until then.

[00:07:35] Did you just kind of like acquire the job at less Schwab? And so then, yeah, my dad worked for Les Schaw. OK.

[00:07:44] Ok. So you just kind of moved into that position. So now here you are 18 years later trying to get a job.

[00:07:50] Yeah. I didn’t work for my dad, but it was kind of like the a manager in the neighboring town is looking for a bookkeeper. I bet if you go in there, have you Would get the job? And that’s pretty much what happened. Are you willing to work full time? This is what I offer you. Sound good? Yep. OK. See you Monday. My interview with Tricon. I thought I would go in chat with some lady in an office for a little bit and leave. But that’s not how it went. I went in. It was very serious. The owner was there.

[00:08:22] The H.R. lady was in there, so a little intimidating. Yeah. There was another lady in there.

[00:08:28] And then they also conferenced in their controller who works in the Hamilton office, who I actually help. So to say I was nervous was that statement.

[00:08:40] And they could see it. And he even was like, just take a deep breath.

[00:08:45] You don’t have anything to be nervous about here. Oh, the first time I had made a resume. Since high school. Oh, geez. How I got this job, I don’t know. Because I said no.

[00:08:59] A week later, I asked for more money to make up for the difference in benefits. That’s cool. And they said, yeah.

[00:09:06] Awesome. They go. What is the harm you. You had to ask. And you know it.

[00:09:14] I don’t want to get into the money too much, but, you know, the money isn’t everything.

[00:09:19] But I you know, I did need to make sure as a single mom that I could definitely continue to support me.

[00:09:26] No, because you were taking a risk, you were quitting a job that you had security in. Yeah. And it was scary. Yeah, scary for sure. But how do you feel now? You feel good?

[00:09:37] I feel great. I’m so glad I did it. It’s very. Accommodating.

[00:09:42] All right. For me as a mom, because you work like four and a half days a week most the time, right?

[00:09:48] I do work. We do get some Fridays half off that. But I do work full five days. OK, another week. Yeah. That’s cool.

[00:09:58] Well, now with that, you work at a new company that I’ve actually never heard of until you started talking about it. So it’s kind of cool that A Missoula Company is coming up in here in the Flathead Valley and growing and creating employment up here for our residents here in the Flathead. But now you have that career, but you are also an entrepreneur. Yes. So. And how long have you been an entrepreneur?

[00:10:25] Since I was about 18. Oh, wow. OK. So for 16 years.

[00:10:33] That’s awesome. So where did it start then?

[00:10:35] Because my very first direct sales company I was with was pampered chef.

[00:10:40] Ok. And I’ve been in multiple.

[00:10:43] Yeah. Very cool. Now.

[00:10:46] How do you when you talk about direct sales and like you are very good at it, like I see you on social media. And thank you. Yes. Some of it, though, gets a bad name, but I feel like you are able to present it in a very good way. Do you feel like the company behind who you’re representing is is is what directs that directs you? I feel it’s you. I don’t feel it’s a company. I feel it’s you because I feel like each person that I’ve seen in direct sales, the company has their own name and I could not like the company.

[00:11:21] But if that person loves it and can sell it to me, I’ll still buy the that.

[00:11:28] Yeah. So I agree with that to an extent. I do feel.

[00:11:35] As a consultant of a direct sales company, I do feel like it’s a company that you have to love and feel passionate about their products or it’s not going to work. But there is something I did quite a bit of training in the last company at a company I was with. And one thing that I learned that is so important is that you’re actually not really selling a product. You’re selling yourself totally.

[00:12:06] And in every. I mentioned that I started with pampered chef and I’ve been in I’m just about ready to enter my fifth company. And I would say that.

[00:12:23] And every single company that I’ve been in, I have learned and grown in some way. And no matter if it worked out or it didn’t work out or I made $10 or thousand dollars, I learned something in every single company. And I don’t regret being a part of any of them.

[00:12:39] I think that’s huge. And that is one of the things that I really like about direct sales. Like, I don’t personally do a direct sales right now, but I do I have in the past I’ve done several in the past. And so everything that they teach you is personal development. And I love that because whether you’re in direct sales or not, you need to do personal development. But they push it and they they strive for that. Do your do your devotions every morning and do leadership training and read your books, listen to your podcasts like they push that. And I think that’s great. And the people who actually do it, they’re the ones that rise to the top.

[00:13:19] You know, I was just going to say that I think that then it’s up to you. I totally encourage it. And then the rest is up to you.

[00:13:26] And, you know, just to kind of touch on why I’ve been in five different companies. You know, as people we evolve and companies evolve and teams of all the.

[00:13:39] You know, just sometimes you fall in and out of alignment and it’s just like changing jobs. And frankly, OK, so I think people are scared that, like, if they switch to a different company, that people aren’t going to trust them. And I think that if you’re just really honest with your audience and just let them know, like I outgrew that. Right. And I’m really passionate about this and excited. It’s no different than changing jobs.

[00:14:02] Exactly. It’s people of the people there all the time. And I think that’s great. Now, with those transitions you talked about when you were in that, when you when you basically said, no, I don’t want the job at Tricon. And then you feel it inside. Now, I know you’re a Christian woman. Do you feel like that was the Holy Spirit also talking to you in that?

[00:14:22] Absolutely. Yeah. I mean, I’ve been going through some tough stuff and having the stress of my job was definitely not helping at all.

[00:14:34] But, you know, actually, what I did was I just started thinking God and just letting them know that I was thankful for what my job was providing me in that time. And that’s when things changed. You know?

[00:14:50] Giving that think and that gratitude and being able to give God the glory. Because he’s got a path for you. And, you know, it could have been staying at Schwabe Bay.

[00:15:04] You took he put something in front of you and you’re able to go after it. So I think that’s really cool. Now, with your Christianity want I move into a little bit about some of the stuff you’ve done at your church. Now, how long have you been a Christian?

[00:15:19] I mean, honestly, my whole life, but actually practicing only about five years.

[00:15:26] Ok. Wow. I did not. I think I’ve only known you for five years. Maybe six. Yeah. It wasn’t that long before we met. Really? Yeah. So what I want to hear your salvation story like. Can you tell me how?

[00:15:39] I’ll try and shorten it up. OK. I actually do really like the whole story.

[00:15:45] We can do a whole nother podcast on your phone. Yes, I actually do want to do a whole life on it.

[00:15:51] But long story short, I grew up.

[00:15:54] We prayed here and there at the dinner table. We went to church as a family here and there. But we talked about God. It wasn’t like we definitely believed in him, but it just wasn’t something that we practiced. And there was a point where I went to a church, just me, my brother. We went to the kids ministry. And I remember some lady asking me who my savior was. And I said, I don’t know what that means.

[00:16:25] Wow. And grew up as a Christian.

[00:16:28] Wow. Yeah. I mean, believing who I was. But I just didn’t understand the terminology. Right. And I was probably 11 or 12. Wow. My brother was about six or so. And. You would think that she would have explained it to me, but she actually started making fun of me. And that really kind of pushed me away from the church in general for a really long time. I believed in God, but I didn’t like understand any of the practices. I thought church was terrible. And as I grew older, I just went through some really hard times with like almost losing my dad. And he my dad was a walking miracle, but that wasn’t enough to get me back in the church. And my brother was then shortly after that got into drugs, which was very painful to watch. And if you know anybody who is dealing with that, anybody listening, if you know somebody who has a family member or a loved one going through that, just know that they need extra love. But it just got to a point where, I mean, my anxiety was so life controlling, it was so bad. I lived in fear 24/7. I wasn’t sleeping well. I feared something happening to my dad. My mom and everybody. The fear just controlled me and I got to a really dark place. I’ve never been like suicidal or anything like that. But just like super sad and depressed and like I said, high anxiety. And I had saw that one of my friends was going to a new church around here called Fresh Life. And I just remember texting her just I was crying so hard I could barely see the words on the screen. And I was just asking her if I could join her and her boyfriend for church the next time they went. And she said, of course. So the next Sunday, we all went on a Saturday night. And I we set up like upstairs in the back.

[00:18:45] And I was like, this is good, comfortable because, you know, I just really haven’t been back in church much since that time.

[00:18:53] That lady made fun of me. And that night, at the end of every service, you know, they say if you want to ask Jesus into your heart, like now’s the time, everyone close your eyes and raise your hand. And I did. And I just remember this, like, really warm feeling coming, overcoming my entire body. And I just got really emotional. And they started singing again after that.

[00:19:20] And I was just like crying the whole time. And I’ll never forget that moment.

[00:19:25] Just as it was just such a special moment. I know it was the Holy Spirit, just like Ray. You know, I was welcoming the Holy Spirit and God into my life. And then I just continue to go to church. I found a different church since then. I go to Canberra’s church and I’m very happy there. And now I sit up front and I raise my hand.

[00:19:48] And I don’t.

[00:19:50] So that is so cool. Gosh, I definitely want to hear more of that.

[00:19:58] Now, with Canvas Church, you do you do a women’s ministry.

[00:20:02] What if that. Tell me a little bit about that.

[00:20:04] So I co-lead a group called Embrace Life through the Church.

[00:20:09] And it’s basically a group for single mothers to come and get supported and loved on and know that, you know, regardless of them having children out of wedlock or, you know, whatever their circumstance may be, that God still loves them. We’re here to support them and guide them through that. We also kind of provide them with resources and stuff like that.

[00:20:37] And there’s a whole curriculum. We may be changing it up just a little, just to be a little bit more inclusive. Kim’s church is very much a multigenerational church. And really, anybody can come to this group. They don’t have to be a part of canvas.

[00:20:52] Ok. How many people do you have come?

[00:20:56] Last semester we had eight. Eight or nine. Okay. And do you meet once a week? Once a week for eight weeks? That’s. Unlike a Bible study.

[00:21:08] And then you did the embrace grace before that. And that’s for the pregnant moms who you’re talking about. They’re pregnant. You’re getting that.

[00:21:14] And that’s usually when they’re most vulnerable. Both ministries have been super awesome to be a part of, you know, the difference with Embrace Greeces that they’re pregnant, it’s new and typically they’re pretty young, you know, and their boyfriend or whatever may be encouraging them to make certain decisions or their parents potentially having an abortion or something.

[00:21:43] Yeah.

[00:21:44] So and we just love him through it and show them their options.

[00:21:48] Ray, we love them in a loving way and that’s really cool. Now, do you feel that you’re a co-leader? So you have this like leadership role, but do you feel like being part of that group as a leader has also helped you personally?

[00:22:03] Yeah. Ironically, did not know that I would be a single mom when I started leading the group.

[00:22:12] That’s so. Yeah. That’s interesting.

[00:22:14] When I first signed up with my co-leader, when we decided to lead Embrace Life. I didn’t know at that time that I was going to be a single mom. I was still fighting for my marriage. So I.

[00:22:26] It was really just as good for me as it was for all those other guys to say God has set me up trying to give to get that kind of gives me goose bumps.

[00:22:35] I really realized what was happening. I’m like, oh, wow, OK, here you go.

[00:22:41] That is it’s cool that you’ve you had that support during that time then. Now you also like you’ve been through a lot the last couple of years. So you’ve been a Christian for five. You’ve been a part of the embrace grace and embrace life for a two to three years, maybe three years. Yeah. Now, you also are dealing with something that like we actually somewhat share in and with an auto immune disease. And that to me like that, that combination is just it can really tear a person down. So tell me about it, because you call it Hashimoto’s, right? Okay. I only know a little bit about it. But tell our audience a little bit more about it.

[00:23:27] So basically, my body is trying to attack my thyroid. It knows that it’s not functioning properly.

[00:23:33] And so instead of healing, it’s trying to attack it, which is. Pretty common for an autoimmune disorders. What part of the body is your body attacking? Exactly. It’s my thyroid, so it’s very low functioning, which for those that don’t know the thyroid is very important for balancing your hormones.

[00:23:53] So it’s like a domino effect on my body.

[00:23:57] How long have you had it or known that you’ve had it anyway?

[00:23:59] Well, my thyroid was a little low functioning before I had ever had at all.

[00:24:06] I mean, I was level my medication was perfect. I felt great. Pregnancy was great. And then I lost my milk after I had no. And it just upset my whole body. And my doctor feels like that’s probably what triggered it. Right. Pretty common. Yeah.

[00:24:22] Yeah, definitely. I don’t I mean, it’s like something triggers it. You’ve always probably had it or had it and it just waiting to be to be exploded, I guess. How do you manage that day to day basis?

[00:24:37] Well, the one advantage to Hashimoto’s is it’s not really painful. That’s Ken. So I’m thankful for that. However, there is a con to that. I don’t know what’s helpful and what’s not.

[00:24:51] It’s like a silent, silent disease. Very silent. Yeah. So.

[00:24:57] I’m still trying to figure out what the magic balance is. But I use.

[00:25:06] Well, stress is a huge trigger, a trigger? Yeah. In the last few years have been really stressful. But out of my control. Right. And that’s kind of irritating in a sense, because like I kind of feel like that’s like my missing puzzle piece. Right.

[00:25:26] But I use like oils and diet. I cut out gluten and night sheets for a while. Yeah, but glutens one.

[00:25:36] I think it’s important to people who’ve got chronic diseases and autoimmune diseases that whatever works for you. Like you’re still trying to figure it out. And we all have to we all have to figure out what’s good for our moment, because the stress level definitely helps or our work, our relationships, what we eat like all of that is a combo. And what you’re doing is going to be different for what somebody else is going to do. But we can all learn from each other.

[00:26:08] And I would say like the hardest part of an autoimmune and probably doesn’t matter what my autoimmune disease you have. Is that everybody’s body is so different and responds so different to treatment that it’s the information is quite controversial. Totally. You know, it’s not it’s not like. I mean, I had something called Zebo once and it was textbook. I mean, I did this thing for many days and it was gone.

[00:26:33] This is completely different and requires so much patience that. Yeah, to me. Yeah, totally.

[00:26:40] No, I think that’s important for people to understand. Is that it it’s not just oh I can check a box and it’ll be done. You know, like it doesn’t work that way.

[00:26:49] And I would say honestly, the hardest part has been for me and it’s been hard for my whole entire life. It has been my weight. And I feel like somebody who doesn’t know me and it doesn’t. I am aware now it doesn’t matter. But for so long in my life, I felt like I knew that I was trying to be active and eat really healthy. But somebody who just sees me, you know, might look at me and say, gosh, like she needs to take better care of herself or, you know, work she does more or eat healthier. But in reality, I do all of that.

[00:27:24] Ray, they don’t see the whole picture. They’re only seeing one piece of it. Yeah. Yeah. That’s that’s tough.

[00:27:30] And that’s like a whole nother that’s a whole nother topic of when people say, judge me like, oh, what are you doing? Like, you have no idea.

[00:27:41] It’s humbled me in the sense of like not judging other people.

[00:27:43] Oh, you. Because you have no idea what people are going through.

[00:27:48] They could be skinny as a whole. And you’re like, oh, that person’s anorexic. Or they could be overweight.

[00:27:55] And like all they do is eat junk food. We have no idea that skinny person might have a disease that they can’t eat.

[00:28:02] You you just don’t know. And that’s that’s frustrating. But you mentioned that because it’s the perception that we have in it. It’s all that big perception.

[00:28:13] Now, as you you’ve gone again through a lot. And what would be what do you feel like has been your most challenging aspect in the last?

[00:28:25] Well, just in last five years, since you became a Christian, what do you think has been the most challenging?

[00:28:35] A failed marriage.

[00:28:38] Not to like get into detail, but. As a Christian woman, knowing when to leave. A marriage that’s not healthy was really hard.

[00:28:52] And I know you as a fighter and you’re fighting for that. You know, you wanted to make it better so that.

[00:29:01] Yeah. It was. And.

[00:29:06] I feel like as hard as it’s been.

[00:29:13] I’ve really got to know who I am, though, like I’ve really. It’s really challenged me to come to a space of like really knowing God and really knowing who I am. And loving myself. And it’s launching me into helping other people. So there is beauty in the store.

[00:29:36] Totally. Oh, I God. I just gave me chills. That’s so, so, so in that. And what’s your proudest moment? I feel like you. My dad said it.

[00:29:52] I’m going to get a little emotional maybe.

[00:29:57] Honestly, my proudest moment would be.

[00:30:00] Embracing the relationship between my daughter and her father, even though my heart was hurting. So how? That’s vague. It would have been really, really easy for me to separate them.

[00:30:13] Oh, totally. And I chose not to. You had that power and you didn’t do it. That’s awesome.

[00:30:19] And she may have built a relationship that they didn’t have two years ago.

[00:30:28] I was going to toot my horn on that first day because I feel like I embraced the force.

[00:30:35] And I’m glad I did. It is still hard. I’m glad I did. Because. Yeah. You could have totally flipped it. I mean it. Not a good situation. And I’m proud of you. Let’s hear it.

[00:30:46] Yeah. I try and just put myself in my daughter’s shoes.

[00:30:49] Right. And how would I feel when I grow up if I. You know, I knew what was happening in this moment. Ray, if I was her. Wow. That’s how I wanted my mom to handle it. All right.

[00:31:04] And my parents are high school sweethearts. So I didn’t grow up in a broken home.

[00:31:11] Wow. I’m proud of you. You. It’s very huge. Now you’ve got some big things coming up. So you’ve.

[00:31:22] You said earlier you were transitioning from one thing to another thing and then you have another thing going. So tell me a little bit about your new venture and then also the spinoff group that you’re creating.

[00:31:37] So I am leaving the makeup and beauty industry and launching into activewear. Why? For fun?

[00:31:49] Every company I’ve been in with drug sales before has literally been to try and quit my job.

[00:31:54] Oh, gosh. Yeah. Which never happened. And I’m not saying it can’t, but it didn’t happen for me.

[00:32:00] But I love activewear a lot, so I figured why not just sell it for fun?

[00:32:07] So I’m transitioning my position in direct sales from trying to quit my job to just having it for fun and a little extra income because it is helpful as a single mom to have even if it’s just an extra hundred bucks a month, you know.

[00:32:25] And actually like it’s the definition of why I have super fast lane woman out there, because when you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can’t just do one thing like you can’t like. I know you can. I can’t do it.

[00:32:40] They want you to step away from direct sales.

[00:32:43] I just I was like, no, I kind of miss it. You’ve got it. Like, there’s okay, you have your nine to five job, but then you’re like, I’ve got so many ideas and so many things I want to do like that.

[00:32:53] So you you are a super fast lane woman.

[00:32:57] So it’s called. Ray as well. I pronounce it. Zaya. Zaya. Okay. And all kind sports bras. Leggings. Yes.

[00:33:08] Anything for men, women and children. I kind of always wanted to own my own, like athletic wear company. And maybe one day I will. But right now this is my outlet to do that because I really like it. And the quality is.

[00:33:23] Yeah. You’re gonna have to show you have some.

[00:33:25] And it also may be your first customer. I love it.

[00:33:32] And it can get really expensive like some of it. I feel like they’ve inflated the prices so much. Like you look at some of these brands and you’re like, I’m not going to spend one hundred hours on a set of apparel, lay games.

[00:33:44] And you’re like, oh, my gosh. But if you can get it more affordable.

[00:33:48] So I would say the quality is definitely higher in quality for a little less. So not hooligans or not one hundred dollars.

[00:33:56] There are also not 20. Right. Thisto. Yeah. No, I get it really good. Yeah. That’s. I’m excited about that.

[00:34:03] So then you’re also doing a group for women to help embrace who they are right now. Right. Tell me a little bit about that.

[00:34:13] Yeah. So I just today launched a group called Love You Like You. And a letter Love Karma, you know. And the idea of the name is that.

[00:34:30] You know, we’re all living in a story we talk about like chapters in our life and seasons in our life and at the end of this chapter that I am helping. Women with in this group. They’re going to love themselves for who they are right now. Not they’re not going to.

[00:34:52] Oh, I love myself more when I have two kids or when I am able to have kids. I know that’s a big struggle for a lot of parents. Being married and being skinnier, being healthier. You know, I want people.

[00:35:09] I want women to learn to love themselves right here, right now for who they are, exactly as they are right now and me.

[00:35:20] I did not.

[00:35:21] A couple of years ago, you know. I wanted to be skinny here. I wanted to be a better wife. I wanted to be a better mom. I wanted to have more kids. I wanted to be successful in my business.

[00:35:35] I always just needed more. Before I could be happy with who I was. And I wonder if nothing was changing. Right. Kind of goes back to the same thing. My job was once I became grateful for the job. Things changed. Definitely. You know, once I sort of loving myself, like truly loving myself right now, even though, you know, sure, I would love to lose some more weight. I can’t wait to be more successful. All these things. But I can love myself then to love myself right now. So it’s gonna be a prelude also kind of to me jumping into being a self love and boundaries coach. So very cool. I definitely want to dive into boundaries with people. I think that’s super hard as a Christian to create boundaries. You want to be everything for everyone. You don’t want to say no. Actually, we just talked about it in church today. But then, you know, you burn out.

[00:36:39] You know, we were just talking about planning and like trying so hard to get our schedules and our life, like, planned and in order. And it’s like, no, you need to if you’re going to start planning style, you really need to bring it up to the Lord and make sure that’s the plan he has, because otherwise you’re just wasting your time. And that’s huge. I’m excited. Did you invite me to that group? Because I really want to be a part of that group. How do I view it?

[00:37:08] I literally launched it before I walked into church.

[00:37:12] And then you go over after church.

[00:37:15] So I just. The cool thing about this is like coming here today. I had no idea that you were quitting your makeup company, switching to an activewear company and then launching this group like this all happen. Like, I feel like it’s the Holy Spirit, totally life because like, I want to highlight women just like you and like your story and what you’re doing.

[00:37:42] It gives people hope, gives other women hope that they can do more. And they have so much more inside of them and they can get through all the pain. And so.

[00:37:56] Phew. Laughs Little things. Now.

[00:38:01] You are a super fast lane woman. So is there anything else that you want to.

[00:38:08] If somebody was sitting in your passenger seat and you wanted to tell them one statement about something that could change their life, what would you tell them to encourage them as they were sitting in the passenger seat?

[00:38:25] Well. It could kubert simple and say just say yes.

[00:38:36] I think to kind of give a little bit deeper. I feel like. If I could sit down and tell somebody anything, if they were wondering anything, like should they move forward? Why is this happening to me and everything in between? Somebody told me one time it was a game changer for me.

[00:38:57] Was that. One of God’s greatest gifts.

[00:39:04] To everyone is wisdom, and sometimes to gain wisdom, we have to go through some really hard things.

[00:39:14] But God would want us to use that wisdom.

[00:39:19] That’s huge. So would you change anything that you’ve ever done that you’ve been through, would you change it?

[00:39:28] No, not really. I mean. I.

[00:39:35] Would rather not go through it again. Right. Right. But I’ve accepted the fact that it’s brought me to where I am. Exactly. God is just using me for things bigger than I saw in that time.

[00:39:48] That’s right. That’s so awesome.

[00:39:52] Katie Storm here are amazing. Thank you. Do you have a personal brand? I know you’ve got your love you.

[00:40:01] But is your new athletic where you’re going to have a personal brand or do we have to just wait and see kind of how it develops?

[00:40:08] I haven’t decided yet. All right.

[00:40:10] So now so we were how can we find you? I mean, Katie Storm. You can’t forget the name Amy Storm.

[00:40:18] Kate Storm.

[00:40:21] That’s the two things right now.

[00:40:25] And then if somebody wants to be a part of the love you, too, they just find that group.

[00:40:32] Yeah. It’s just love karma. You. OK. OK.

[00:40:39] I’ll have it leaked probably onto my Facebook. Oh, that.

[00:40:43] You may have to make like a blog or something. I have like I have thought about doing it. I like to write. Yeah. Like my writing.

[00:40:53] Yes, I said so if I did, it would be tied into love you, Ray.

[00:40:58] So that’s exciting. Well, I’m excited to see how this goes. And I just. I’ve seen you in the last five years or four years or. And you and I feel like we’ve known each other for years.

[00:41:09] It’s kind of a blur, but I’m excited. You have a lot of good things. Any last little tidbits that you want to tell other ladies out there?

[00:41:19] Um.

[00:41:21] I don’t think so. I can’t. I think I talked a lot.

[00:41:24] Good. Let out a lot on the table. That was the point. Well, if anybody wants to find you, I will. I do have one more. Oh, go for it. Yes.

[00:41:34] Because we were talking earlier about like feeling alone and. Although it seems like that sometimes I just want to remind everybody that they’re not alone. God is always with you, even when you don’t feel like. He’s there. And you’ll notice it later.

[00:41:50] Even in that moment, you may not feel it by him. He’s there. When you reflect, you’ll know.

[00:41:57] Katie Storm. You’re amazing. Thank you for being on super fast lane woman. And that is all I have for today. I hope you guys all enjoy your day. And thanks for listening.

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