Do you fit in the ‘box’?

Do you fit in the boxSuper Fast Lane Woman was originally created several years ago when I realized I personally didn’t fit into a certain ‘box’….I wasn’t just a stay at home mom, I wasn’t just a business owner, I wasn’t just a wife, or a sister or student. I wasn’t going to be just one thing and I quickly realized that I didn’t have just one talent or ‘specialty’, I had MANY…. I didn’t want just one… And when I tried, I ended up falling short of what really lit me up inside….

So Super Fast Lane Woman was born….. Women wearing multiple hats, always going going going, and having a hellava story to tell and just living life in the fast lane….

We are women….and we have a lot to say. We have been through a lot and we could learn from one another. Women’s leadership can present itself through teenagers, on up to grandma’s. Each one of us learns at a different pace and each life experience can help another.

As I write about ‘what’ Super Fast Lane Woman is, my brain is filled with names of so many woman in my past that I wish I would have interviewed! Every single woman that has crossed my path, has a story to tell.

Super Fast Lane Woman, is here to help mom’s, sisters, teenagers, aspiring leaders, teachers, production workers, literally anyone that calls themselves a woman, be the best they can by loving who they are and who they are working to be and shining a light on all the little things that make us live in the fast lane of life. It is about helping each other grow by sharing our stories.

You will hear stories of other women. All working their way through the busyness and becoming successful, in their own eyes. Listen to their stories and sit in the passenger seat of their ride. You may just learn something about yourself along the way.

And if you feel like you are a ‘Super Fast Lane Woman’, Please email me at and lets start the conversation as I want to ride in your passenger seat.

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