Okay….so why is this page here?

Super Fast Lane Woman was an idea I envisioned years ago and because of my life in the ‘fast lane’, it took a bit to get it on paper. Go figure…I’m a busy lady.

Super Fast Lane Woman, or let’s call it SFLW for short… is about being a Woman. But not just any woman….its about being a mom, wife, single gal, teenager, business owner, entrepreneur, sister, aunt, homeschool teacher, teacher, and friend… It isn’t just about one group of women, its about all women and how we are live crazy busy lives and are very much DIFFERENT, but need a place that is common ground where we can lift each other up! Too often we look at other women and feel inferior to them, but do you realize that the woman you are ‘lifting up’, feels self conscious and is struggling in her home life? You may see her at work and she looks like she is on top of the world….but then you get her home and life is so crazy busy that she can’t even get her laundry folded, and because her laundry isn’t folded she feels defeated at home as soon as she walks in the door…..that is OK and that is why we are here!

To show our women friends that its okay to not be perfect, its okay to be crazy busy, its okay to have hopes and dreams and its okay to not have everything perfect.

Back in 2008, I had started my first business. It was in network marketing but we didn’t have a lot of access to the internet. Most was done via phone call and door to door (fun right)…. I started my business with my son and then later my daughter after she was born. One of my very good friends (I mean someone I trusted deeply), started to judge what I was doing…. several years had gone by and I had transitioned and created my own digital marketing company. I had earned my degree in Business Management and Marketing and wanted to use it….so I started a company. One of our little get togethers with this ‘friend’ proved that I was different. She walked up to me, looked into my eyes and said, “You really can’t do both Maria, you can be a mom or a business owner but you can’t be both.”

I was shocked, hurt, frustrated and just plain mad! WHAT….. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing…. A lot of doubt went into my brain that day and took years to sort through.

I know what my strengths are, and I have a lot of friends that are complete, 100% stay at home moms….I also have friends who don’t have kids and work their asses off and are great women. AND, I have friends that work full time, and come home to a house of kids and do great, likewise, I have mom friends that do 100 things in and out of the home, while their kids are in tow….

So when I was told that I couldn’t do both…..I had to prove that wrong. And so, here is SFLW…..

A place to share frustrations, passions, guidance and the like, with women all over! I will share interviews with other women, leadership articles, life articles, guest articles and even some great video clips of events I have either spoke at or experienced.

If you feel encouraged to share you story, please do! I want to hear it and I want to showcase all the women in the Super Fast Lane!

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