Loan Officer. NMLS #2457219

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I moved to Helena, Montana after spending over a decade in the Naval Special Warfare community. After many deployments and time spent away from my family I decided to walk away from the career that I loved. It was time to move to a new phase of my life, one dedicated to family and the raising of two beautiful children.

I learned many valuable lessons during my 11 years in the special operations community. Becoming a professional at a skill or trade takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The value that you offered to the community was based on your reputation as a professional. The tasks you were given were often complex. Your ability to complete a complex task with little to no oversight was paramount to the team’s ability to succeed.

During my time in the military I was able to transfer those skills into real estate investing. I successfully built a portfolio of rental units to sustain myself and my family after my separation from the Navy.

After deciding to buy a home in Helena I reached out to Black Diamond to help make my Montana home ownership dream a reality. I was so impressed with their professionalism and team that I decided to join the team myself. I now hope to help other families in Montana realize their dream of home ownership, real estate investing or anything in between.

When I am not working to help clients I can be found in the mountains hiking, mountain biking, camping with the family, or enjoying all of the hunting opportunities that Montana has to offer.

I will use all of the skills and expertise I have learned over the years to become the perfect mortgage broker to help you achieve your goals.