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What should we really be focused on today….

First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! BUT, now it is Black Friday…..So often on Black Friday and even Cyber Monday, we focus on spending and gifts for others and ourselves, but why are we not looking at the big picture?

I am Maria, the Operations Manager here at Black Diamond Mortgage and …. in my position, I see all the different transactions that come through our office, and I get to talk to a lot of people about their current home situation and their debt. With these conversations, it really hits home on what we should be thinking about. We should be focused on the BIG PICTURE, not the instant gratification.

What does this mean?

In the current world we live in, buying stuff and financing purchases is super easy to do. This can create a downward spiral of debt that is really hard to get out of.

Or you may have your credit card and financing debt in control but just still have a mortgage that seems daunting to ever pay off. So this morning, I wanted to point out some cool tools that you can use to help get things under control as we roll into the Christmas season.

Check Out our Mortgage Calculators HEREBlack Diamond Mortgage Calculators

These mortgage calculators are not just for calculating your mortgage payment, we have calculators to even help you figure out how many thousands (yes, I said thousands) you could save by adding a small amount to your principle payment each month.

Black Diamond Mortgage doesn’t have any cool ‘Black Friday Deals’, but what we do have are the tools you need to purchase a home, refinance your current home for monthly savings (Debt Consolidation or Rate and Term financing) as well as helping you figure out how to pay off your debt sooner!

So check out our ‘Black Friday Special’ and do yourself a favor and see what options you have to make a change for your financial future. I personally have used these tools to help our family’s success and it has worked. I know you can do it too!  CHECK IT OUT HERE.

Happy Christmas Season and we are Thankful for all of YOU!

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