In any mortgage transaction, we’re dealing with a lot of money, whether it’s your earnest money or your down payment, and even if you’re getting the funds or the money from a friend or family member, we have to show where those funds came from.

We’re looking at your bank statements and your retirement accounts, and when we see that information, we need to see all the information. So we need to make sure the pages aren’t cut.

There’s not blacked out information and that we can see exactly where that money is coming from and we can’t have screenshots. A lot of people give us screenshots and we can’t have that. So large deposits as well.

If you had a ten thousand dollar withdraw from your retirement account, we need to see that information and anything over your typical paycheck. We’re going to have to find out where that money came from.

And honestly, it can sometimes be hard to get bank statements, especially from banks that are not local. So our team is actually here to help you. We can help you get that information a lot of the time. So work with us and we can help you source that information.

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