Income Issues in Mortgages – Video

Quick re-cap of the previous 2 weeks FB Live videos- stats on videos, encourage folks to keep it going by sharing, like and commenting Dave points out that Leah knows how to work on tough deals… and knows video and radio… offers Leah to run this weeks show! Everyone throughout the video is saying “when

Issues in Mortgages – Stay in the Boat

STAY IN THE BOAT! Dave – Thank you for making last week’s video the most successful video in BDMC history… 6000 post views, 300 click thru video views! Clearly, live is better, and we will plan to keep delivering for you Wednesday’s at 11am, and topics of interest to you! Here’s a quick Recap of

Credit Issues in Mortgages-Video

Hello internet universe! Welcome to our first facebook live broadcast! We are taking a break from closing deals and grabbing a coffee, so we thought we’d take a moment to cover “important tips” for closing tough deals! I’m David Boye Maria Phelps Danelle Connors When we are talking about tough deals… We understand that there