September 2017

Income Issues in Mortgages – Video

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Dave points out that Leah knows how to work on tough deals… and knows video and radio… offers Leah to run this weeks show!

Everyone throughout the video is saying “when we close tough deals, we like to close tough deals… this is how you close tough deals… etc… as often as you can say “CLOSE DEALS” and “CLOSE TOUGH DEALS”…..

Leah- continue to comment on how important it is TO YOU AS A REALTOR for the lender to seek the highest and best approvals for the buyers and try not to be limited by one or two ways of doing the deal, but to vet out every way to get the buyer approved for the best loan amount

Tough Income comes down two 4 big concepts:

– #1- Becky – Getting all the information early (full disclosure- tax returns, assets, job history, other income docs that may exist… Becky needs everything to present the loan in the best light to the underwriter)

– #2- Danelle – Get an automated underwriting approval if possible…. automated = higher income usage and that = higher loan amounts … DU, LP, GUS, FHA ScoreCard, Proprietary UW Systems…. You want the highest allowable debt to income ratio approved possible to handle tough income (DANELL- TAKE THIS COMPLEX IDEA AND MAKE IT SIMPLE)

– #3- Maria – Lender shop! Contact tough loan underwriters, check with lender guidelines, look for “max guidelines” choose the lender based on their ability to approve the highest possible loan amount

– #4- Dave – (Secret / sneaker income!) – Co-signors, boarder income, switch from self employed to full-time, spouse removal from the application….

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Next week- Closing Tough Deals V.4 – Danelle is running the show! Tough property!

Issues in Mortgages – Stay in the Boat


Dave – Thank you for making last week’s video the most successful video in BDMC history… 6000 post views, 300 click thru video views! Clearly, live is better, and we will plan to keep delivering for you Wednesday’s at 11am, and topics of interest to you!

Here’s a quick Recap of tough deals week 1.. 3 C’s and Big G… full disclosure, always pay housing on time, and have a good excuse when you make a mistake.. watch last weeks episode on our FB Page, it was funny! And informative

Maria- Reminder: the emotional component of working on tough deals (recap, and we understand)… we were reminded in our last FB Live, by Realtor Brenda Twete, that in addition to the challenges of qualifying for a tough deal, there are challenges in keeping the deal together with all the things that can come up…

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Maria- Last Christmas we bought that picture for the office (explain a bit)…. So… We’re headed to one of Brendas listings here in Whitefish to meet up and talk more about how important the emotional component of a tough deal is…. next week, we will pick up on tough deals and income…

Dave- unless our audience gives us something better 🙂

Maria- hey, there’s Danelle Connors… Loan Officer at BDMC and local legendary Realtor, Brenda Twete!

Danelle- Mention that we are at one of Brenda’s listings with a few comnents.. ask Brenda what she told us last week during FB Live…. ….

Brenda- “Stay in the Boat!”

Danelle- What does that mean?

Brenda…. stay in the Boat explanation.. what it is, why it’s hard, what’s required, why it’s important to you, the client getting what you actually want and have hired a team of professionals to help you do

All- conversation… examples of staying in the Boat, one example of jumping out of the boat… more of staying in the boat.. examples of challenges that come up with all parties and name the parties: buyers, sellers, realtor (buyer and seller side), escrow, appraisal, home inspection, home insurance, lender (processors, underwriters, broker).. noncontracted 3rd parties … mom, dad, kids, friends….

Conclusion… surprises are fairly common, it’s how you handle them that makes all the difference… stay under contract as long as possible, and even if you fall out of contract, stick with your trusted partners … you can get back into contract or have your rights protected…

The deal is over when the ink dries and the county records, up until then, things can happen requiring a disciplined response!

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Next week… Tough deals v3… Income… unless you give us something else!

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Special thanks to Brenda Twete and National Parks Realty!

Credit Issues in Mortgages-Video

Hello internet universe!
Welcome to our first facebook live broadcast! We are taking a break from closing deals and grabbing a coffee, so we thought we’d take a moment to cover “important tips” for closing tough deals!
I’m David Boye
Maria Phelps
Danelle Connors

When we are talking about tough deals…
We understand that there is a big emotional aspect to the equation! A borrower seeking a tough mortgage may have already been turned down once, so hearing that another mortgage lender will consider them is full of mixed emotions…
We get that, and will try to isolate the problem down to one big variable and make a clear decision on whether or not it makes sense to proceed or to wait until things improve before trying for the loan.

To close tough deals, you need to understand the basics of mortgage lending… all mortgages must address the 3 c’s in order to happen:
– credit
– cashflow
– and collateral
(cashflow is like income, and collateral is like the appraisal)
You have to address all three in some way to get a mortgage
There is one other secret weapon, i call it “big g” or the government… and they occassionally create ways to put less emphasis on the big 3 to get more borrowers into homes….
Today, we will talk “tough credit” and how those deals either happen, or when to wait and get the credit better before proceeding….

We have closed deals this year with borrowers having credit scores in the 580’s or even with borrowers having no credit score at all….
When these deals close, there are certain things that need to happen for them to work, but the good news is that these borrowers are closing this year and not being made to wait till next year!

So it we are going to talk briefly today about closing tough deals that many lenders would say no to, with borrowers that have a credit score under 620/640 or no credit score, or some derogatory information, liens, judgements or other rough credit events and how those loans can still close…..

3 big principles:
1) Full disclosure about everything!
2) Regardless of what the rest of the credit looks like, the housing payments are made on time
3) You need a good excuse for the bad credit

We want to get the tough loans to close! we will isolate the trouble down to one big variable, like something we’ve presented here, solve it with a viable loan- and then go for it!

If now is not the right time, the best thing to do is apply anyway so we can roadmap the way forward, because there is always a way forward from where you are

Next week! We hear that a lot of people are employed seasonally, so some folks may be about to get laid off or encounter other income challenges….
Tune in next week for tough income!
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