Issues in Mortgages : STAY IN THE BOAT!  Maria Phelps and Danelle Connors of Black Diamond Mortgage along with Brenda Twete, a Montana Realtor,  discuss the importance of working together through challenges and close the deal!

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Here’s a quick Recap of tough deals week 1.. 3 C’s and Big G… full disclosure, always pay housing on time, and have a good excuse when you make a mistake.. watch last weeks episode on our FB Page, it was funny! And informative

Maria- Reminder: the emotional component of working on tough deals (recap, and we understand)… we were reminded in our last FB Live, by Realtor Brenda Twete, that in addition to the challenges of qualifying for a tough deal, there are challenges in keeping the deal together with all the things that can come up…

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Maria- Last Christmas we bought that picture for the office (explain a bit)…. So… We’re headed to one of Brendas listings here in Whitefish to meet up and talk more about how important the emotional component of a tough deal is…. next week, we will pick up on tough deals and income…

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Maria- hey, there’s Danelle Connors… Loan Officer at BDMC and local legendary Realtor, Brenda Twete!

Danelle- Mention that we are at one of Brenda’s listings with a few comnents.. ask Brenda what she told us last week during FB Live…. ….

Brenda- “Stay in the Boat!”

Danelle- What does that mean?

Brenda…. stay in the Boat explanation.. what it is, why it’s hard, what’s required, why it’s important to you, the client getting what you actually want and have hired a team of professionals to help you do

All- conversation… examples of staying in the Boat, one example of jumping out of the boat… more of staying in the boat.. examples of challenges that come up with all parties and name the parties: buyers, sellers, realtor (buyer and seller side), escrow, appraisal, home inspection, home insurance, lender (processors, underwriters, broker).. noncontracted 3rd parties … mom, dad, kids, friends….

Conclusion… surprises are fairly common, it’s how you handle them that makes all the difference… stay under contract as long as possible, and even if you fall out of contract, stick with your trusted partners … you can get back into contract or have your rights protected…

The deal is over when the ink dries and the county records, up until then, things can happen requiring a disciplined response!

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Special thanks to Brenda Twete and National Parks Realty!

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