Choose Your Local Independent Mortgage Broker

  Your Local Independent Mortgage Brokers! David Boye with Black Diamond Mortgage discusses why and problems with internet mortgage robots! Good Morning! Dave Boye here with Black Diamond Mortgage in Los Angeles International Airport on my way back from another AIME conference (Association of Independent Mortgage Experts).  This is also the site of aspects of

Bank Statement and other Non Traditional Mortgages

Bank Statement and other Non Traditional Mortgages: Dave Boye discusses new options for mortgages in 2019 for independent mortgage brokers. We are well into 2019 and if you are in the business of selling real estate or making deals happen, on some of our deals the first payment on the mortgage is now June 1st!

Buy or Refi? Both at Black Diamond Mortgage

Buy or Refi? Both at Black Diamond Mortgage. Dave Boye discusses both this morning. Simple Point: If you bought a home with a loan at Black Diamond Mortgage and you need to refinance, come back! We do the refinance too!  Or, if we gave you a great deal on a low rate on a refinance

Assets are Important! Close on time!

Assets are Important! Close on Time! Dave Boye with Black Diamond Mortgage is here to give a quick class on asset sources.  If you have been asked to source your assets by your loan officer or someone in our office, this is what they need: Asset Sources Basics: Bank Satement for 30-60 days.  All pages

News From the AIME Conference

Mic drop! Dave just got back from Las Vegas and the AIME (The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts) Fuse Conference. Christmas came early to Black Diamond Mortgage! On Christmas of 2018, we are going to do the BIG REVEAL! If you’ve done business with us before and like to send your friends and family our

Loan Officers Making Moves? Why I am an independent mortgage broker!

It makes a big difference where the originator works or where the loan starts. That is why I’m an independent mortgage broker. When I started, I spent a couple of years working for some other mortgage companies trying to figure this industry out. I had two that didn’t work out very well. I had one

Buy your investment property now! It’s easier to qualify than you think!

Dave and Maria are talking about investment properties: Dave: A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to go out and buy another home, such as an investment property. Maria: If you’re in a position where you make enough to cover your current mortgage and expenses, you can actually buy an investment property

Let’s talk CREDIT – The 6 factors that most affect your score!

Matt Rizzolo of Black Diamond Mortgage with the 6 items that affect your credit score: Amount of inquiries in the past 2 years Important not to have too many Similar inquiries may be treated as one, such as if you are shopping for a mortgage Number of new accounts in past 2 years Don’t open

Today is National Independent Mortgage Brokers Day!

Dave: Hey friends of Black Diamond Mortgage, Dave Boye and Matt Rizzolo here. Today is National Independent Mortgage Broker Day, and in honor of that, we wanted to talk about six things that make mortgage brokers the best place to get money to buy or refinance a home. One of them might be obvious, but

You don’t have to pay cash for Condos!

Dave: Hey friends of Black Diamond Mortgage! Dave Boye and Matt Rizzolo here in “condo alley” in Whitefish, Montana. We can see 5 different condominiums from where we’re standing. Are all of these condos the same? Matt: No, they’re all different! Dave: An important thing to know about condos is all condos are different. Each