Buy or Refi? Both at Black Diamond Mortgage. Dave Boye discusses both this morning.

Simple Point: If you bought a home with a loan at Black Diamond Mortgage and you need to refinance, come back! We do the refinance too!  Or, if we gave you a great deal on a low rate on a refinance and now you are ready to purchase another home, come back to Black Diamond Mortgage. We offer all the purchase mortgages as well.

The reason I mention this is because there are a lot of companies offering mortgage services who don’t know you very well and we are located with you here in Montana. We Know Montana! We want all spectrums of the home mortgage business for home purchase and refinance.  We have expertise that we can apply to both sides of the transaction.

If you go on the internet and just click, there’s going to be some attractive things on there. These companies don’t know you and if your deal doesn’t close, they can move onto the next deal.  I’m going to run into you at the grocery store, or wherever, so I care deeply about getting your home purchase or your refi to close.  I know you are getting hit up by a lot of people if you click in your email, open your regular mail, go to your bank, or whatever. SO, all I ask you is this:

If you did a purchase or refinance and you are thinking of doing the other, reach out to us!  Even if you are staring at a loan offer, before you pull the trigger, give your local independent mortgage broker a call.  We want to make sure we provide that same great service we did last time. Also, we already have your loan file and it might be dramatically easier for us to do the transaction as well.

Thank you and have a great day!


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