We all want to close fast! But at Black Diamond Mortgage we have really pushed hard to make the entire mortgage process a successful one for all parties of the transaction.

Fast Closings are key in this highly competitive market! Here are 4 things we are doing in order to get you to the closing table FAST!

1 – Appraisal Waiver – Pending Approval. The appraisal waiver can save you a couple of weeks on the entire mortgage process! Once we have a full application and the property picked out, we can review and see if we can get an appraisal waiver. A lot of our purchase transactions, refinances and even cash out refinances are getting appraisal waivers! It really only takes a few moments to see if the subject property qualifies.

2 – Fast Underwriting! We are able to get through the initial underwriting process faster than others! This is especially critical when we are trying to meet contract contingencies and dates.

3 – We are your Advocate – We help facilitate the entire process. It is important because there are a lot of moving parts in a mortgage transaction. We have facilitate all communication between the agents, title company, appraiser, and other third parties in order to ensure a smooth transaction.

4 – Clear Communication throughout the entire process! Our team utilizes phone, texting, online chat and emails to communicate. We know that everyone communicates differently so we take that into consideration. We are always available too! We don’t just work 8-5. Someone from our team is available and monitoring all our lines of communication to ensure you get your answers and quick! We truly do have a ‘loan hotline’. Call or text us you questions! 406-862-4999

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