Did you know… a Co-Borrower may be a great option in this current market. We are seeing more and more parents and grandparents, friends and family members helps each other out. It is a good idea to see what all your options are during the loan approval process. One thing you may find out is that your buying power can increase significantly with a Co-borrower. This is especially important with the current housing shortage. You want to be able to have the best offer and having a co-borrower may just get you that contract!

So be sure to check out what you can do on your own but have an open mind that a co-borrower may be what you need. This can be a short term solution to prepare you for the long term. First time home buyers can benefit from this as well because as a first time home buyer, the key is to get your keys! Once the home is yours, you will start building equity and then can look at future options to then remove the co-borrower from the loan. There is little risk for a co-borrower as the equity in the home will continue to build.

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