Bank Statement and other Non Traditional Mortgages: Dave Boye discusses new options for mortgages for independent mortgage brokers.

We are well into 2019 and if you are in the business of selling real estate or making deals happen, on some of our deals the first payment on the mortgage is now June 1st!

How are you going to get a couple more deals closed in 2019? Well it’s time to start thinking about it. I want you to think about borrowers having a tough time with their tax return, their down payment,  and maybe their credit score.  They can almost get the loan, they are so close, but they can’t get it!  Have they looked at the non QM loan?

The NON QM Loan at Black Diamond Mortgage. The Black Diamond Effect launched in 2019 talks about options. We have loans called non QM and we have investors that want to make loans happen.  Loans that are close and just miss the mark but the borrower is going to make the payment and they are a good, desirable borrower.  If you are that borrower and you almost got the loan but you didn’t quite get it and you want to know if there’s another option, you need to talk to Black Diamond Mortgage.  We need to see if you qualify for one of our non QM products where we have private investors who have made decisions to offer loans to borrowers who just missed the normal qualification mark but are otherwise good loans.

Anyone here at Black Diamond Mortgage is here to help you with options!

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