Your Local Independent Mortgage Brokers! David Boye with Black Diamond Mortgage discusses why and problems with internet mortgage robots!

Good Morning! Dave Boye here with Black Diamond Mortgage in Los Angeles International Airport on my way back from another AIME conference (Association of Independent Mortgage Experts).  This is also the site of aspects of the movie The Terminator. In this movie the robots are impersonating other people to try and destroy Sarah Connor.  What I learned at the conference was that we have computers smart enough now to even impersonate me as your mortgage expert. They can impersonate someone who may have done your last mortgage transaction, or someone you have communicated with about a mortgage. And, when you click around and type the word mortgage, home, or anything related, you enter the internet ecosystem and they are watching everything you click on and look at.  SO, they are watching you. What we are learning is that we are going to get that same technology too. It’s so cool, in a way.  At AIME (Association of Independent Mortgage Experts), we are going to make sure that you know the difference between the robot, or the TERMINATOR, and your local independent mortgage broker.

Over the next year or two we are going to be refining our ability to use this new technology.  But, as a consumer, you have got to watch yourself when you get something from somebody, especially on the internet.  It might not be who you think it is and they probably don’t give a rip about you if it’s the Terminator. So, as a local independent mortgage expert, I’m committed to delivering the best mortgage to my friends and my local people.  But, I’m also gonna arm myself with tools so that when this stuff launches, you’ll hear from me too.  I’m going to send out to my clients a little ‘hey, I see you are in the internet ecosystem talking about mortgages’ and I’ll give you a call. I’m not going to bombard you with 4 million calls, emails, or links to click on.  That’s what they are going to do.  I’m just going to let you know I’m there and I’d love to talk to you.

SO, exciting stuff, scary stuff.  It’s very real and we are ready.  Your local independent mortgage experts are going to be at the front, cutting edge, of all this technology helping you get a mortgage.  Excited, scared all at the same time.  I had a great conference and learned a million things.  But the big take away was that the terminators that I learned about in the 1980’s that came to destroy Sarah Connor are here.  We need to know the difference between them and everyone else which is cool because people don’t want to do business with a robot  They want to do business with a local independent mortgage expert!



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