Dave: Hey friends of Black Diamond Mortgage! Dave Boye and Matt Rizzolo here in “condo alley” in Whitefish, Montana. We can see 5 different condominiums from where we’re standing. Are all of these condos the same?

Matt: No, they’re all different!

Dave: An important thing to know about condos is all condos are different. Each one of these condos has unique features. Every single condominium project is unique.

Matt: With each condo project being unique, all lenders will treat them differently. We have the advantage of having multiple lenders and are able to find the right loan product.

You don’t have to pay cash for a condo!

Dave: Some things that make condos different other than just their looks are the people who live in the condos.

Matt: For example, primarily Canadian owners who come hang out and then rent it out. That’s different than someone who lives and works here in the valley.

Dave: Some loans people are used to getting are available on all condos and some are unique to each individual condo. The most important thing we want to emphasize is DON’T BE AFRAID OF CONDOS! We absolutely want to take a look at every condo loan to see what the best option for the buyer is.

Matt: Not everyone knows that veteran borrowers can use their zero down benefit to buy  condos. We know how to get condos onto the VA approved condo list. This also opens up that condo to Rural Development financing which is another zero down loan.

Dave: Did I hear you correctly that you can get a zero down loan on a condo?

Matt: In certain situations, yes!

Dave: We’d like to show buyers how to take advantage of some of the zero down options that involve condos and then all the other condo options out there.

Condos are different, a lot of lenders want to lend on them, and there ARE zero down options for condos through VA and RD. If you have questions, come see us! YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY CASH FOR A CONDO!

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