We wanted to give a special THANK YOU to everyone that attended our Gone Fishing Event last month! As you may remember, our theme was ‘Stay in the Boat’. We enjoyed some excellent food by our own Grill Masters with Local Grassfed Beef by KM Montana, and also some yummy dessert by Delectable Desserts! And don’t forget about the music from the Belton Blues Band. And a big shout out to the Whitefish Chamber of Commerce and the Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce for helping us with this event!

Now for the fun part. You may remember filling out a Mortgage Office Match Up sheet. If not, no worries. This was our fun way to introduce you to our TEAM. And since you may not have met everyone on our team or you may not have gotten your answers correct, so we have decided to fill you in! Here goes:

Loan Officer and Head Coach for Whitefish Lacrosse – Matt Rizzolo (check out his profile here)

100th Million Visitor to Glacier National Park – Becky Janssen – (Our Coordinateur de L’experience Gentile)

Operations Manager/Loan Officer and holds the Whitefish High School Long Jump Record – Maria Phelps (check out her profile here)

Loan Officer and Wife to a Navy Veteran – Danelle Connors (check out her profile here)

Loan Officer and Subject in a $100K Famous American Painters Masterpiece – Jacqui Fehlman (check out her profile here)

Loan Officer and Youngest Grandfather/Restaurateur working at Black Diamond Mortgage – Terry Falk (check out his profile here)

Mountaineering Mortgage Broker – David Boye (check out his profile here)

Thanks again for coming to our event! We truly love our clients/friends/business partners and we LOVE Mortgages!!! We are looking forward to the next event (we have something great in the making for November), but in the mean time if you need a mortgage or know someone who may need one, send them our way, we would love to help!

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