Check out Dave Boye’s important message from the summit of Big Mountain/Whitefish Ski Resort!

Today we had a client who needed a question answered at 5:30 (after business hours) and we got back to them with the answer quickly, which illustrates the most important point: that we are in the business of being EASY TO REACH.

When you think of a mortgage broker, think of someone who has more tools than a bank and is also more accessible than a bank.

One of the things we’ve noticed this year is that if you are trying to get pre-approved, it needs to happen quickly.

Here are some tools we have and ways you can reach us at Black Diamond to help with that:

  • 6 (SIX!) loan officers: David Boye, Danelle Connors, Terry Falk, Maria Phelps, Matt Rizzolo, and Jacqui Fehlman – THE POWER OF 6!
  • Give us a call
  • Come in to the office
  • 24/7 website – you can apply there AND we have a chat feature – chat us and we will get right back to you, even if we aren’t in the office
  • You also have the contact info for all 6 loan officers on the website, in case you have a burning question that needs answered
  • Digital approvals – we are FULLY DIGITAL, which means we don’t need to be in the office – in this competitive market, if you need something, you need it right away

Message for today:
We are trying to be as accessible as possible and be as technologically advanced as anyone online. But when you call us, you get 6 people who live in Montana, not someone who has no idea what you are talking about and keeps transferring you around. WHEN YOU CALL US, YOU GET THE REAL DEAL!

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