FAST 24/7 Mortgage Approvals!!!

Check out Dave Boye’s important message from the summit of Big Mountain/Whitefish Ski Resort! Today we had a client who needed a question answered at 5:30 (after business hours) and we got back to them with the answer quickly, which illustrates the most important point: that we are in the business of being EASY TO

Multiple underwriting systems mean multiple ways to get your loan approved!

Hear Maria Phelps and our new loan officer, Matt Rizzolo, explain the multiple ways Black Diamond Mortgage can get your loan approved through different underwriting systems. Some recently experienced Fannie v Freddie differences: – Different debt to income ratio approvals – Different property analysis (private road maintenance agreements, water systems, condominiums (condos), shared wall agreements)

Stay in the Boat, Mortgages and More!

When we look at a Mortgage Transaction and all that goes into reaching the closing table, we notice that the principles of the transaction can easily be recognized by all professions. Most situations that you come across require someone, or a few members of the team, to ‘Stay in the Boat’ to get things done.

We all make mistakes :) Fix Your Credit February!

We all make mistakes! This month is Fix Your Credit February. This month we are doing classes on how to fix your credit with credit repair specialist Ryan Keip of Precision Credit Group. We can get loans for people that have made mistakes. If you’re worried about whether or not you can get a mortgage

JUMBO Mortgages! 1 Hour Crash Course!

  Course Outline JUMBO MORTGAGES – Introduction Do you actually need a JUMBO mortgage? Try to work with what you know JUMBOS are different (Why are they different?) Different ways of funding JUMBOS – Sources Property Valuation (Collateral) – Appraisal considerations QM vs NON-QM (underwriting regulation) Asset rich, but “income poor” JUMBO- Pre-Approval vs. Underwriting

JUMBO January! Live from our new and improved office!

  It’s JUMBO JANUARY! We are live from a new office location at 106 2nd Street East in Whitefish! Jumbo means any loan over $453,100. What do you need to know about jumbo loans? Jumbos are DIFFERENT. Everything you know about closing regular loans is different when you get into the jumbo world. The borrowers

Drop that PMI!! (Private Mortgage Insurance)

Here is Danelle Connors of Black Diamond Mortgage talking about dropping your PMI (private mortgage insurance)! Today we are talking about dropping your PMI. We are always looking for ways to cut our spending. When did you buy your home? Are you ready to drop your PMI so you can put more towards principle? If

Collateral Issues with a Mortgage Transaction

Collateral Issues with a Mortgage Transaction: Maria – We are back for our 3rd installment of closing tough deals. -covered 2 of 3 C’s (Credit and Cashflow) Danelle – today we talk about the Collateral. Not all homes are perfect. And sometimes there are challenges to overcome. We are here to talk to a past

Issues in Mortgages – Stay in the Boat!

Issues in Mortgages : STAY IN THE BOAT!  Maria Phelps and Danelle Connors of Black Diamond Mortgage along with Brenda Twete, a Montana Realtor,  discuss the importance of working together through challenges and close the deal! Dave – Thank you for making last week’s video the most successful video in BDMC history… 6000 post views,

Credit Issues in Mortgages-Video

Credit Issues in Mortgages – Live video with Black Diamond Mortgage in Montana. Hello internet universe! Welcome to our first facebook live broadcast! We are taking a break from closing deals and grabbing a coffee, so we thought we’d take a moment to cover “important tips” for closing tough deals! I’m David Boye Maria Phelps