Stay in the boat Mortgages and More

When we look at a Mortgage Transaction and all that goes into reaching the closing table, we notice that the principles of the transaction can easily be recognized by all professions. Most situations that you come across require someone, or a few members of the team, to ‘Stay in the Boat’ to get things done.

Our team members, here at Black Diamond Mortgage, are dedicated to assisting everyone involved toward ‘Staying in the Boat’ so we can close on time.  There are many people involved with these transactions and often times, each person doesn’t fully understand the role of the other people. Our job is to make sure we are the “guide” in all of this and keep things moving forward.

One of the easiest ways to describe this illustration is to view it as a white water rafting trip. If you have the guide and the team working together, you can get through all types of obstacles. This applies to anyone working on a team and not just in mortgages.

Simply put….

  1. Hold onto your T-Grip (do the paperwork you are asked to do)
  2. Listen to your Guide (take the advise of the lender, realtor and title officer helping you through the rapids)
  3. Paddle fiercely (work quickly to accomplish tasks and make decisions)
  4. Stroke in unison (stay together, work together, you are all in this together)
  5. Be prepared for an adventure (there are bound to be surprises in a real estate transaction, sometimes they are tough and sometimes they are easy, but it is the joy that comes at the finish line….)

We want you to think about how you, as a team member on the raft, can be more productive in helping your team get to the finish line and complete the adventure!

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