Day 1 Mortgage Approval Certainty- Better than a Rocket!

        Day 1 Mortgage Approval Certainty The best way to get a purchase offer accepted is with a convincing loan approval! Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation IS partnered with wholesale mortgage lenders that DO offer a digital underwriting approval that eliminates loan conditions leading to approval certainty on DAY1! Some lenders are advertising

Don’t celebrate before the buzzer

Don’t Celebrate Before the Buzzer! Have you ever experienced the last 3 minutes of a game? It could be any game. Even a game that doesn’t have time constraints. It could be the last inning, race, 20 meters…. I am referring to the moment when you could either give up, or keep pushing forward…… When

VA Home Loans

VA Home Loans: As a Veteran, you deserve the best. You have served our country and have dedicated your life to others. Now is a great time to reward yourself with a new home or use up to 100% of the equity in your existing home for a variety of purposes! Eligible Veterans are welcome

Tips to Buying your First Home

Tips to Buying your First Home: ‘Steps to Success’ Buying a home can be either one of the best or worst decisions you ever make and when you decide to give it a try, it is a thought-provoking process. A process that some people may have a hard time understanding. Last year, we bought a

Building your Dream Home – Construction Loan Options

Is building your dream home at the top of your New Year’s Resolution list? How about a VA, or FHA-Backed Construction Loan with no extra money down, and no extra credit score or income requirements? Well, now it is possible to receive a true Construction Loan originated by Black Diamond Mortgage with our ‘1 Time

How Much ‘Home’ Can We Afford?

How Much ‘Home’ Can We Afford? The question is not about the ‘size’ of the shoe but about how well the shoe fits! How do you spend your money? First, you need to understand how you spend money in order to make a good decision about buying a home.  It is important to understand your overall