HOme construction Montana

Is building your dream home at the top of your New Year’s Resolution list? How about a VA, or FHA-Backed Construction Loan with no extra money down, and no extra credit score or income requirements?

Well, now it is possible to receive a true Construction Loan originated by Black Diamond Mortgage with our ‘1 Time Close’ Construction Loan Program.

Montana has many great locations for construction and some of the best builders to choose from! You buy the lot, pick your favorite builder and we help you choose the best loan program for your needs.

Construction loans can be intimidating, but the loan requirements are no more challenging than regular FHA and VA Mortgage Loans.

So contact us today for our 1 Time Close Construction Loan Program because there are No 2 Loans About It!


*These are not scenarios where we refer you to a builder who carries the note during construction, hence dodging the construction loan process. This is a real construction loan for the FHA and VA approved borrower.

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