Mic drop! Dave just got back from Las Vegas and the AIME (The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts) Fuse Conference.

Christmas came early to Black Diamond Mortgage! On Christmas of 2018, we are going to do the BIG REVEAL!

If you’ve done business with us before and like to send your friends and family our way, tune in! It’s a Christmas present to everyone who does business with Black Diamond Mortgage. It’s our big reveal for how everything is going to be different in 2019!

I want to thank United Wholesale Mortgage for the vision! 2018 was the best year I’ve ever had, but I’ve just learned how much better we are going to be doing things in 2019, and I can’t even believe it. I will reveal everything that’s coming on Christmas!

The simple view is: think of all the big internet companies. What if your local mortgage broker brought all of that to you even better? We’re talking about your local mortgage broker having the better tools and ability to deliver a mortgage.

If you are a friend of Black Diamond Mortgage and want a sneak peek, get ahold of me for a private meeting! Otherwise, the big reveal going live on Christmas! 2019 is going to be amazing!

If you’re already a friend of Black Diamond Mortgage, thank you! If not, you might want to take another look at us in 2019. If you work at a mortgage bank or bank and see what’s going on in 2019, get in touch with me. What we are going to be doing is ONLY available to independent mortgage brokers!

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