Quick re-cap of the previous 2 weeks FB Live videos- stats on videos, encourage folks to keep it going by sharing, like and commenting

Dave points out that Leah knows how to work on tough deals… and knows video and radio… offers Leah to run this weeks show!

Everyone throughout the video is saying “when we close tough deals, we like to close tough deals… this is how you close tough deals… etc… as often as you can say “CLOSE DEALS” and “CLOSE TOUGH DEALS”…..

Leah- continue to comment on how important it is TO YOU AS A REALTOR for the lender to seek the highest and best approvals for the buyers and try not to be limited by one or two ways of doing the deal, but to vet out every way to get the buyer approved for the best loan amount

Tough Income comes down two 4 big concepts:

– #1- Becky – Getting all the information early (full disclosure- tax returns, assets, job history, other income docs that may exist… Becky needs everything to present the loan in the best light to the underwriter)

– #2- Danelle – Get an automated underwriting approval if possible…. automated = higher income usage and that = higher loan amounts … DU, LP, GUS, FHA ScoreCard, Proprietary UW Systems…. You want the highest allowable debt to income ratio approved possible to handle tough income (DANELL- TAKE THIS COMPLEX IDEA AND MAKE IT SIMPLE)

– #3- Maria – Lender shop! Contact tough loan underwriters, check with lender guidelines, look for “max guidelines” choose the lender based on their ability to approve the highest possible loan amount

– #4- Dave – (Secret / sneaker income!) – Co-signors, boarder income, switch from self employed to full-time, spouse removal from the application….

Close the video out- share, like comment, let us know if you want to be featured….

Next week- Closing Tough Deals V.4 – Danelle is running the show! Tough property!

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