Aim for the Finish! Focus on the goal and objective.  Dave Boye, an independent mortgage broker in Whitefish, MT, and his Daughter, Shatara discuss the importance of staying focused through challenges.

Dave: This is Dave Boye, live from Portland, Oregon with my daughter, Shatara, who just competed in the Northwest Pacific Regionals. What did you learn today? You were talking to me and had some amazing insight.

Shatara: I learned that, to relate figure skating to mortgages, there are many steps you have to go through. So I thought, when you are skating, if you mess up one thing, you need to continue as if nothing happened and keep going and not let it mess up the entire program. Whereas with mortgages, there are many steps and if you over-react about one thing, it can mess up the whole process.

Dave: So aim for the overall great program?

Shatara: Yes, not just one jump or spin or element.

Dave: Now I watched your program and it looked fine to me, so what are you talking about? Did something happen?

Shatara: Yes, I messed up one jump and almost fell over just skating in general. I just kept going and made it look better by doing an even better next jump.

Dave: And I watched your program and saw a lot of amazing jumps, so how many great things did you do?

Shatara: All of it.

Dave: Except the one thing? Ok, so the lesson is:

Shatara: Don’t mess up just because you messed up once.

Dave: Focus on the big picture! Alright, that was an awesome lesson!

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