Aim for the finish! Focus on the goal and the objective!

Aim for the Finish! Focus on the goal and objective.  Dave Boye, an independent mortgage broker in Whitefish, MT, and his Daughter, Shatara discuss the importance of staying focused through challenges. Dave: This is Dave Boye, live from Portland, Oregon with my daughter, Shatara, who just competed in the Northwest Pacific Regionals. What did you

Never let a good deal die! Live from my personal man cave!

Dave Boye of Black Diamond Mortgage, live from his “man cave!” Today’s lesson is: never let a good deal die – never! It’s one of our principles. Here are a couple examples: We never say the loan is declined in the literal sense, and we never say you “can’t ever” have the loan. What we

“Easy Living” – How to keep your mortgage process simple and easy

  David Boye of Black Diamond Mortgage with some tips on “easy living” and how to make your mortgage process FASTER and SIMPLER: Don’t move your money around We look at 2 months of bank statements and will have to source where any deposits come from Leave it in one spot – don’t transfer it

What to Expect in a Mortgage Transaction

Welcome to Black Diamond Mortgage! What to Expect in a Mortgage Transaction Here are some important things to know about the process that will last typically between 2-5 weeks, depending on your contract and the complexity of your transaction: ***Please read our Identity Theft Education Page to learn how to keep your own information safe.