David Boye of Black Diamond Mortgage with some tips on “easy living” and how to make your mortgage process FASTER and SIMPLER:

  1. Don’t move your money around
    • We look at 2 months of bank statements and will have to source where any deposits come from
    • Leave it in one spot – don’t transfer it around
  2. Don’t open new credit
    • Classic mistake – opening credit for a new refrigerator or a new car
    • This can impact your score and cause you to have to provide even more paperwork
  3. Provide your tax returns upfront
    • Best strategy is to provide them on day one – ALL pages
    • We will need the whole story – this helps us avoid learning new things late in the process
  4. Move FAST!
    • If we ask for items from you, get them to us quickly
    • The sooner we get things from you, the faster we can close!
    • Move fast, close fast!

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