Did you know….. it’s National Mortgage Brokers Day!!! But what is that????
I am a Mortgage Broker….and my JOB is to help YOU get the BEST loan option that fits YOU! Wether you are buying, building, refinancing, consolidating debt or need money to buy a horse 🐴 for your daughter….my JOB is to HELP YOU!
I am NOT tied down to only 1 product or ‘pool’ of money. I have 100’s of options and resources to help. If you are nervous to try a broker, don’t be! We don’t pressure you into anything. We give you the freedom to choose what fits you! AND I am part of an amazing organization called AIME (Association of Independent Mortgage Experts) and our broker community around the nation supports us and helps us with YOUR deal! We are FOR YOU!
So give me a chance. Give my amazing team at Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation a chance. We serve YOU!
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Black Diamond Mortgage
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