Meet Dave Boye!

Dave’s Story:

In March of 1993, after spending my entire life mastering the craft of ski racing and skiing in general, I found myself at the starting gate, pressing forward into the mogul course, with the intent to do something that I had never accomplished.. a 360 helicopter in the air with a speedy mogul entrance and continued with a successful landing in the moguls all the way to the finish line.

With many college kids watching, and being in the final round of 8 out of over a hundred athletes, I pulled off the jump successfully, and I “won the run” with the best air maneuver and the opportunity to continue onto the next round. Upon crossing the finish line, there she was, a beautiful young woman, who said, “that was awesome!” Our eye’s locked, we immediately connected in conversation, and I have been pursuing my current wife, ever since! True love at first sight, we married in 1996, and the adventure continues to this day!



NMLS Licenses:

Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation #209137 

 David Boye, NMLS Consumer Access License #235086


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