Soooo our lucky clients and employees now might get a day on Flathead Lake going forward with Captain Dave!

Here are our top boat analogies for Mortgages clients should learn:

1) “Stay in the Boat!” – same with mortgages.. stay in the boat 🚢 with the lender, Realtor, title, appraisal, insurance… we are in this together
2) “A Rising Tide Raises All Boats” – its ok for everyone to win. At Black Diamond Mortgage, we like win-win deals
3) “All Hands on Deck!” – Stuff happens… when it does, Everyone should rally the solution!
4) “Three Sheets to the Wind” … please don’t do anything on your real estate deal, if this describes you!
5) “Abandon Ship!” .. Hey, sometimes, the deal Should die.. too expensive, too poor condition of a home… if the deal IS Wrong.. Abandon Ship!

Do you have some good ones? Post them below!

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