Where we highlight great people of the state of Montana who exemplify excellence in business, the outdoors and involvement in the community.

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I have lived in Montana since 1996, and have met famous athletes, wealthy entrepreneurs, and unsung community heroes, right in Montana! Apparently, they all “make it work,” so that they can spend their time in the greatest of the 50 states.

Inspired by my opportunity to meet Gary Vaynerchuk, my goal is to create an interesting and entertaining way to honor some of these amazing individuals, and to provide inspiration for those who have just arrived or have been here a long time and are trying to “make it work!”
Through my career as an independent mortgage broker, my life as a husband and father, my recreation as a mountaineer, and generally living life to the fullest in Montana, I have been fortunate to meet people that are some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, some of the highest levels of athletes, and some people who have immersed themselves in community. I believe that these people are what make Montana great!
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