Where we highlight great people of the state of Montana who exemplify excellence in business, the outdoors and involvement in the community who Make it Work in Montana!

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I have lived in Montana since 1996, and have met famous athletes, wealthy entrepreneurs, and unsung community heroes, right in Montana! Apparently, they all “make it work,” so that they can spend their time in the greatest of the 50 states.

Inspired by my opportunity to meet Gary Vaynerchuk, my goal is to create an interesting and entertaining way to honor some of these amazing individuals, and to provide inspiration for those who have just arrived or have been here a long time and are trying to “make it work!”
Through my career as an independent mortgage broker, my life as a husband and father, my recreation as a mountaineer, and generally living life to the fullest in Montana, I have been fortunate to meet people that are some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, some of the highest levels of athletes, and some people who have immersed themselves in community. I believe that these people are what make Montana great!
Please enjoy this podcast, communicate ideas and suggestions, and just make sure you enjoy Montana! You can subscribe to the Making it Work Podcast to automatically see new episodes.

My Most “Ram”bunctious Interview Yet!

Listen on Spotify: Dave: [00:00:01] Welcome back to Making It Work in Montana. My name is David Boye, and I’m here today with Jenna Gilliland. Jenna: [00:00:08] Hi, Dave. Hi, everyone. Dave: [00:00:10] And making it work in Montana is about whatever I think is interesting about making it work in Montana. Indeed, we’re up […]

Chelsea Speer – Turning Point Dance

We’re back in the studio here at Making It Work in Montana, and we have done a lot of episodes since we started. We’ve talked to a guy that was mauled by a grizzly bear. We’ve talked to home builders, mountaineers. A lot of things you think about when you think of Montana. But what […]

Fighter – Entrepreneur – Montana Native – Taylor Reed

Taylor Reed joins us for our 15th episode of Making it Work in Montana. Taylor is a 4th generation Montanan and is a focused and disciplined businessman. He owns and operates three different businesses – Reed Painting, Reed Construction, and Reed Coatings. Taylor spent his formative years in the valley mastering taekwondo, mixed martial arts, […]

Why Business is Deeply Personal – with Nomad CEO Will Schmautz

Please enjoy our 14th episode of our series Marking It Work In Montana! This episode focuses on why personal connections within the world of business are so critical to success. We interviewed Founding Member and President and CEO of Nomad Global Communications (GCS), Will Schmautz. Nomad GCS is a locally owned and operated specialty vehicle […]

Excelling at Endurance and Fitness in Montana- Brian Frank

Brian Frank is the CEO and Owner of Hammer Nutrition and he shares his vision, passion and things that help him “Make it Work in Montana” Learn all about Hammer Nutrition here: www.hammernutrition.com Brian shares about company culture, 35 years of successful business, and the foundation of healthy endurance racing. Brian is extremely committed to […]

Purple Mountain Lavender- Deb Davis creates a Lavender Oasis in Lakeside, Montana!

A truly unique and beautiful experience! That would be any time that you can spend with Deb and Greg Davis on their mountain top lavender farm in Lakeside, MT! Listen to my podcast interview below to learn more about Deb’s story and this truly unique addition to our mountain community:  purplemountainlavendermontana.com www.facebook.com/Purple-Mountain-Lavender-138320359613425 Address: 417 […]

Superwoman! Mom, Wife, Mountain Bike Racer and Overcomer of Obstacles, Rose Grant!

Superwoman! Mom, Wife, Mountain Bike Racer and Overcomer of Obstacles, Rose Grant! “Trust the process, embrace the work, be grateful, and always stay humble and kind.” – Rose Grant is empowering women to pursue their dreams is something that I feel passionate about so that they too can experience the empowerment that comes from victory […]

Weathering a financial crisis! Joe Coco of Coco Enterprises, Inc.

Joe Coco knows how to go from $0 to $1,000,000+ including doing so over the course of several financial crisis! Listen to Joe  and do great when everyone else is worried 😉 Below you can listen to this podcast episode! Check out Joe and Coco Enterprises here  http://www.cocoenterprisesllc.com/ Follow Joe on Facebook here   And on LinkedIn […]

Anders Broste! Overcoming obstacles, like a bear attack! And being a professional and family man.

Welcome to another episode of Making it Work in Montana! Below is my interview with Anders Broste.  Anders is the Chief Technical Officer at Esker Cycles, a Columbia Falls, MT bicycle company. He’s a father, husband, and he enjoys the Montana Outdoors with hunting, backcountry skiing, mountain biking, fly fishing, rafting…. Anders is an expert […]

Shea Fast! “Cowgirl” Entrepreneur, Brand coach, all in MT

Hello! Thank you for checking out another episode of Making it Work in Montana!  Shea Fast is the girl behind the chain of Cowgirl Coffee huts all throughout the valley. But, that is just one facet of her remarkable journey. From her website, www.sheafast.com/ “After years of being a brick and mortar entrepreneur, and a stay at […]

“Go Find” author, Susan Purvis on her journey of rescue, training and finding herself in Montana

Welcome to another addition of Making it Work in Montana!  In this episode I interview “Go Find” author, Susan Purvis! Susan Purvis’ writing has appeared in the New York Times. She is an empowerment speaker, explorer, educator and author of the bestselling outdoor adventure memoir, Go Find. Susan spent her entire career in the outdoors. […]

Giuseppe Caltabiano- Circumnavigating the world, global success in Montana

Giuseppe Caltabiano- Circumnavigating the world, global success in Montana! In this episode of Making it Work in Montana, we interview Giuseppe Caltabiano.  Giuseppe has succeeded in growing a global company in Montana! He flies his own planes, operating globally from an amazing headquarters in Whitefish, MT. He’s even an actor now. A very interesting individual! […]

The David Steele! Mountaineer, Lifesaver, Selfless Partner in Montana’s Great Outdoors!

The David Steele! Mountaineer, Lifesaver, Selfless Partner in Montana’s Great Outdoors! Listen to my interview here! David Steele exemplifies Making it Work in the Outdoors in Montana! He has climbed some of the most noteworthy peaks, skied many of them, and regularly gives back more than he takes. Denali, Baker, St Nicholas, The Lithoid Cusp… […]

John Dunnigan – Local Whitefish Musical Legend has Made it Work in Montana

John Dunnigan, a local musical legend in Whitefish, talks with me here about how he has Made it Work in Montana!  John has been a regular favorite of local places like Whitefish Mountain Resort, The Great Northern Bar and Grill (Thursdays), The Firebrand Hotel, Grouse Mountain Lodge and The Lodge at Whitefish Lake. It […]

Interview with Noah Couser – Teen Mentor, teacher and so much more!

Welcome! In this podcast I interview Noah Couser.  Noah has made it work in Montana! An 8th grade teacher, teen mentor, outdoor photographer and  product placement sponsored guru.  Raised in Northern Idaho yet succeeding in Montana. His stories will amaze anyone. Enjoy this episode!  After Listening to this podcast episode, please check out more […]

Interview with “Bear” Barinowski – Project Manager with Malmquist Construction

David Boye interviews Andrew “Bear” Barinowski, Project Manager with Malmquist Construction, on how he is making it work in Montana and what led to his move to Whitefish. Bear has spent 20 years in Montana, and he is everyone’s friend! He truly explored the world and settled in Whitefish, MT. Bear was recently featured on […]

Interview with Melissa Ellis of “Get a Grip Climbing Wall”

In this episode, I interview Melissa Ellis of “Get a Grip Climbing Wall” and how she is “Making it work in Montana”.  Melissa grew up in Whitefish, MT and Arizona and settled into her first career as a waitress at the Buffalo Cafe in Whitefish. She then took a leap of faith to become […]