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What you really need to know for 2023…

Zach. Hey, Dave. Here we are. We made it. We made it live. Where are we at? We are getting close to 2023. Oh, man. Whitefish, Montana. What do you think of the 2022? How are the rates today, Zach? Rates do not stay a rate on the program. They are great. Great. Exactly what […]

FHA – You Deserve a 2nd Chance!

We are in Montana today. And I just want to tell you about the 2nd Chance loan. I call it that because there’s a loan product available for people buying in Montana. It’s nationwide, but it’s called FHA, and it’s been around for years. And it focuses on ensuring people who need a little help […]

Plan for 2023

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It is your black Diamond mortgage. Minute of the day. Maria is here, and we’re kind of talking about the importance of planning. Why do you need to be ready for 2023? What do you think? Yeah, now is a great time. It is October. You’re starting to figure out […]

HELOCS – What are they?

Hey, friends. Rylee Kuntz and Zach Falk here from Black Diamond Mortgage. And we’re just hopping on here real quick today to chat with you about the advantages of a hillock. A HELOC, what is it, HELOC? Home equity line of credit. So a ton of you have just gobs of equity because the market […]

Common Misconceptions about Brokers

Have you heard of these common misconceptions about Mortgage Brokers? Well, I am here to tell you the truth about Mortgage Brokers. First off, we get asked all the time, “How much does it cost to use you?” There is no cost to use us… We are paid by the Wholesale Lenders we partner with […]

Tips for Loan Processing

Throughout the loan process, there are things that can speed up the loan closing, or slow them down. Sam, our lead Processor and a Loan Officer here at Black Diamond Mortgage, goes over a few things that he sees on a regular basis while working with loans in process. Tip 1 – Avoid Large Deposits. […]

Time in the Market

  When you look back 10 years ago, you may think to yourself “I wish I would have…”. Financial advisors all over the country will say ‘Time in the Market” is more important than the the timing. What you need to do is make sure you pick things that you can afford, but that you […]

Understanding Self Employment and Mortgages

Analyzing Self-Employed Clients FOR FUTURE HOME BUYING How lenders approve self-employed income Watch the full class now! Notes are provided for the class below. Use this PDF for the Supplemental documents mentioned in the video – Supplemental Documents-PDFAnd the PDF version of this webpage here – Self Employed Class November 2021 When determining the appropriate qualifying […]

DSCR Investor Loan Options

In the current real estate industry, a common theme is to generate income through an investment property. Sometimes that can be hard for people, but what if the property itself was actually what qualified you for a loan? There’s an option for that, and it’s called a DSCR Investor Cash Flow Loan (DSCR – Debt […]

Understanding Deposits in Mortgages

In any mortgage transaction, we’re dealing with a lot of money, whether it’s your earnest money or your down payment, and even if you’re getting the funds or the money from a friend or family member, we have to show where those funds came from. We’re looking at your bank statements and your retirement accounts, […]

USDA Loans

For more on Rural Development Loans check out this detailed Video below.   Video starts @ 0:21 Can you hear me OK? Are either Britney that I see works with Michelle. She brags about all the time. Yeah, I think I’m that one. I don’t know. I don’t know if the bragging is needed. Yeah. […]

Lessons Learned from COVID – 19 — Patience

Being able to weather a storm, like COVID – 19, requires patience. The better deals, both in purchasing homes and refinancing of mortgages, often goes to those with patience and a well executed strategy. Make sure that after this is all over, that you make sure that you have a well defined strategy so that […]

Lessons Learned from COVID – 19 — Lower Debt

Lower your total monthly debt payments! Being able to weather a storm, like the Corona Virus, requires that you spend as little as possible on monthly payments until the storm blows over. Make sure that after this is all over, that you reduce your overall required debt payments, so that you can handle the NEXT […]

Lessons Learned from COVID – 19 — Diversification

Being able to weather a storm, like COVID – 19, requires having options to work with those who were prepared to succeed and pivot away from those who are struggling. We have noticed that some of our lender partners are struggling and some are succeeding. We are able to match our clients with the lenders […]

Lessons Learned from COVID – 19

It is important to have cash reserves to help you weather the financial storm of COVID – 19! Being able to weather a storm, like the Corona Virus, requires extra funds in savings. Make sure that after this is all over, that you develop a life plan that includes mandatory reserves, so that you can handle […]

Welcome our newest employee, Darel Handley

Hear what Dave has to say about Darel. Welcome aboard Darel! We hope you maintain the commitment to helping our friends find the best mortgage loans!

Free Yourself from Captivity!

Free yourself from Captivity! Part 1 Work with a Mortgage Broker- We set captives free! – Make sure that the people working for you are ONLY working for you – We work for home buyers only and will fight for you to win the arguments of the home seller – We work exclusively for the […]

Difference Between APR and Interest Rate

How to evaluate the cost of your mortgage money over time and make a great decision! In general, the closer your APR is to your actual interest rate, the lower your cost is, over time, to obtain that interest rate. Always seek a “locked loan estimate” will all fees to see an accurate APR. Other […]

2020 at Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation

2020 is an exciting year to be getting a mortgage! Here at Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation, we will find you the best prices for the best loans! At Black Diamond Mortgage, we will do what’s best for you, even signing up with new lenders to help secure you the best loan possible.

Verify Assets

To be processed for a mortgage loan, we will need to verify that you have available funds. We will inform you how to verify your capital, but please keep the following in mind. Tips to help you verify assets: Provide all pages of a bank statement — even if blank Don’t black out any information […]

Forbearance Payments on Mortgage

With the recent legislation regarding forbearance may make it seem tempting to not pay the mortgage payment. It is important, however, to pay your mortgage if possible. Forbearance is NOT a forgiveness of payment. You will still owe the missed monthly payments, and will most likely have to pay it all back at once. With […]

Choose Your Local Independent Mortgage Broker

  Your Local Independent Mortgage Brokers! David Boye with Black Diamond Mortgage discusses why and problems with internet mortgage robots! Good Morning! Dave Boye here with Black Diamond Mortgage in Los Angeles International Airport on my way back from another AIME conference (Association of Independent Mortgage Experts).  This is also the site of aspects of […]

Bank Statement and other Non Traditional Mortgages

Bank Statement and other Non Traditional Mortgages: Dave Boye discusses new options for mortgages for independent mortgage brokers. We are well into 2019 and if you are in the business of selling real estate or making deals happen, on some of our deals the first payment on the mortgage is now June 1st! How are […]

Buy or Refi? Both at Black Diamond Mortgage

Buy or Refi? Both at Black Diamond Mortgage. Dave Boye discusses both this morning. Simple Point: If you bought a home with a loan at Black Diamond Mortgage and you need to refinance, come back! We do the refinance too!  Or, if we gave you a great deal on a low rate on a refinance […]

Assets are Important! Close on time!

Assets are Important! Close on Time! Dave Boye with Black Diamond Mortgage is here to give a quick class on asset sources.  If you have been asked to source your assets by your loan officer or someone in our office, this is what they need: Asset Sources Basics: Bank Satement for 30-60 days.  All pages […]

News From the AIME Conference

Mic drop! Dave just got back from Las Vegas and the AIME (The Association of Independent Mortgage Experts) Fuse Conference. Christmas came early to Black Diamond Mortgage! On Christmas of 2018, we are going to do the BIG REVEAL! If you’ve done business with us before and like to send your friends and family our […]

20 years of mortgage interest rates – Where are we headed?

20 Years of Mortgage Interest Rates: Where are we headed? ‘Memory Lane’ discussed by Dave Boye, Independent Mortgage Broker in Montana. I want to talk today about something everyone is afraid of, but we aren’t afraid of it – interest rates! Why are people afraid? Well, over the last couple years, rates have been going […]

Aim for the finish! Focus on the goal and the objective!

Aim for the Finish! Focus on the goal and objective.  Dave Boye, an independent mortgage broker in Whitefish, MT, and his Daughter, Shatara discuss the importance of staying focused through challenges. Dave: This is Dave Boye, live from Portland, Oregon with my daughter, Shatara, who just competed in the Northwest Pacific Regionals. What did you […]

Never let a good deal die! Live from my personal man cave!

Dave Boye of Black Diamond Mortgage, live from his “man cave!” Today’s lesson is: never let a good deal die – never! It’s one of our principles. Here are a couple examples: We never say the loan is declined in the literal sense, and we never say you “can’t ever” have the loan. What we […]

Loan Officers Making Moves? Why I am an independent mortgage broker!

An Independent Mortgage Broker is better! It makes a big difference where the originator works or where the loan starts. That is why I’m an independent mortgage broker. When I started, I spent a couple of years working for some other mortgage companies trying to figure this industry out. I had two that didn’t work […]

Buy your investment property now! It’s easier to qualify than you think!

Dave and Maria are talking about investment properties: Dave: A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to go out and buy another home, such as an investment property. Maria: If you’re in a position where you make enough to cover your current mortgage and expenses, you can actually buy an investment property […]

“Lock Protection!” Construction Loans! (We can offer the same down payment for construction as with regular loans!)

Dave and Matt are here to talk about construction loans. There are 2 big issues to talk about when talking construction loans: How are you going to keep your rate locked during the construction process? Options: We have a lender who will give you a 90 day lock and will allow you to float down […]

Let’s talk CREDIT – The 6 factors that most affect your score!

Matt Rizzolo of Black Diamond Mortgage with the 6 items that affect your credit score: Amount of inquiries in the past 2 years Important not to have too many Similar inquiries may be treated as one, such as if you are shopping for a mortgage Number of new accounts in past 2 years Don’t open […]

Today is National Independent Mortgage Brokers Day!

Dave: Hey friends of Black Diamond Mortgage, Dave Boye and Matt Rizzolo here. Today is National Independent Mortgage Broker Day, and in honor of that, we wanted to talk about six things that make mortgage brokers the best place to get money to buy or refinance a home. One of them might be obvious, but […]

$5.4 Trillion Available! The most EVER

See story:…/homeowners-are-sitting-on-5-point-4-…     Dave: Hey friends of Black Diamond Mortgage, Dave Boye and Maria Phelps here. I just saw a headline on MSNBC (just google 5.8 trillion dollars cash in people’s homes and it’ll come up), but they’re bringing up a point that I thought would be good for all of us to […]

Live on location from Boulder, CO! How real estate can help with college tuition costs!

Dave Boye live from Boulder, Colorado with his brother, Erik Boye. Dave: We both went to the University of Colorado and we’re standing here on campus. Black Diamond Mortgage is on the road. When you and I went here, what did it cost? Erik: Well, 30 years ago tuition was about $3,000 a year. Dave: […]

You don’t have to pay cash for Condos!

Dave: Hey friends of Black Diamond Mortgage! Dave Boye and Matt Rizzolo here in “condo alley” in Whitefish, Montana. We can see 5 different condominiums from where we’re standing. Are all of these condos the same? Matt: No, they’re all different! Dave: An important thing to know about condos is all condos are different. Each […]

FAST 24/7 Mortgage Approvals!!!

Check out Dave Boye’s important message from the summit of Big Mountain/Whitefish Ski Resort! Today we had a client who needed a question answered at 5:30 (after business hours) and we got back to them with the answer quickly, which illustrates the most important point: that we are in the business of being EASY TO […]

Multiple underwriting systems mean multiple ways to get your loan approved!

Hear Maria Phelps and our new loan officer, Matt Rizzolo, explain the multiple ways Black Diamond Mortgage can get your loan approved through different underwriting systems. Some recently experienced Fannie v Freddie differences: – Different debt to income ratio approvals – Different property analysis (private road maintenance agreements, water systems, condominiums (condos), shared wall agreements) […]

Stay in the Boat, Mortgages and More!

When we look at a Mortgage Transaction and all that goes into reaching the closing table, we notice that the principles of the transaction can easily be recognized by all professions. Most situations that you come across require someone, or a few members of the team, to ‘Stay in the Boat’ to get things done. […]

No Down Payment, No Problem!

Is your savings balance a little low these days? We have zero down options for your home purchase! Just bought a new car or truck and now you can’t afford a down payment on a house? You might be able to borrow against an asset, or use gift funds from family to help with your […]

We worry about mortgages so you don’t have to!

Check out Dave Boye of Black Diamond Mortgage enjoying a Saturday skiing near Glacier National Park. These guys are just worried about pow skiing – you didn’t hear them say they are worried about mortgages. That’s what we do! We worry about mortgages so you don’t have to!

Credit Scores & Credit Fundamentals

Credit Scores & Fundamentals course outline: The Cost of Poor Credit 3 Major Categories of “Credit Condition” Accurately know your credit What a creditor needs to loan to someone who has made mistake(s) Precision Credit Group ( ) Technical stuff Q&A The Cost of Poor Credit Delayed purchases Higher Interest Rates Ability to buy nicer […]

We all make mistakes 🙂 Fix Your Credit February!

We all make mistakes! This month is Fix Your Credit February. This month we are doing classes on how to fix your credit with credit repair specialist Ryan Keip of Precision Credit Group. We can get loans for people that have made mistakes. If you’re worried about whether or not you can get a mortgage […]

JUMBO Mortgages!

    Course Outline JUMBO MORTGAGES – Introduction Do you actually need a JUMBO mortgage? Try to work with what you know JUMBOS are different (Why are they different?) Different ways of funding JUMBOS – Sources Property Valuation (Collateral) – Appraisal considerations QM vs NON-QM (underwriting regulation) Asset rich, but “income poor” JUMBO- Pre-Approval vs. […]

JUMBO January! Live from our new and improved office!

  It’s JUMBO JANUARY! We are live from a new office location at 106 2nd Street East in Whitefish! Jumbo means any loan over $453,100. What do you need to know about jumbo loans? Jumbos are DIFFERENT. Everything you know about closing regular loans is different when you get into the jumbo world. The borrowers […]

Construction Loans, 1x Close FHA, VA, USDA RD

  We broker one-time close construction loans for Conventional, FHA, USDA Rural Development, and VA with the same down payment requirements!

New Max Loan Amount is $453,100!

David and Daisy are here with some big news about the NEW MAX LOAN AMOUNT and APPRAISAL WAIVERS. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have just raised their old loan limit for conventional loans! The old max was $424,100, and the new max is $453,100. What this means is that people can borrower more money. There […]

Drop that PMI!! (Private Mortgage Insurance)

Black Diamond Mortgage talking about dropping your PMI (private mortgage insurance)! Today we are talking about dropping your PMI. We are always looking for ways to cut our spending. When did you buy your home? Are you ready to drop your PMI so you can put more towards principle? If you think so, let’s talk […]

The cure for the mortgage blues!

Check out Leo Govenettio and Gary Ludwig singing about the Mortgage Blues! Don’t get discouraged, Black Diamond Mortgage has the cure! Call us or come in and apply and we will help you get the right loan for you!

“Easy Living” – How to keep your mortgage process simple and easy

  David Boye of Black Diamond Mortgage with some tips on “easy living” and how to make your mortgage process FASTER and SIMPLER: Don’t move your money around We look at 2 months of bank statements and will have to source where any deposits come from Leave it in one spot – don’t transfer it […]

Importance of Customer Service

Whether you are a Mortgage Broker or an Auto Repair man….customer service is important. Check out this video on some tips and hear from David at Black Diamond Mortgage as well as Andy from Acme Auto!

Construction Deal – Tips and Process

The construction deal process can be tough, but if you work together with the Lender and Construction Team, it will make for a smoother process. Bear and Tyler from Malmquist Construction talk about this.

Collateral Issues with a Mortgage Transaction

Collateral Issues with a Mortgage Transaction: Maria – We are back for our 3rd installment of closing tough deals. -covered 2 of 3 C’s (Credit and Cashflow) Danelle – today we talk about the Collateral. Not all homes are perfect. And sometimes there are challenges to overcome. We are here to talk to a past […]

8 MYTH’s BUSTED (except for the last one…)! Mortgage Brokers v. Mortgage Bankers

Mortgage Brokers vs. Mortgage Bankers – 8 Myth’s A recent observation is that mortgage “bankers” and “traditional retail banks” tour Realtor offices and other venues touting they are better than mortgage brokers at providing the funds needed to purchase a home. (Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation is proud to be the experts in real estate finance, […]

Income Issues in Mortgages – Video

Quick re-cap of the previous 2 weeks FB Live videos- stats on videos, encourage folks to keep it going by sharing, like and commenting Dave points out that Leah knows how to work on tough deals… and knows video and radio… offers Leah to run this weeks show! Everyone throughout the video is saying “when […]

Issues in Mortgages – Stay in the Boat!

Issues in Mortgages : STAY IN THE BOAT!  Maria Phelps and Danelle Connors of Black Diamond Mortgage along with Brenda Twete, a Montana Realtor,  discuss the importance of working together through challenges and close the deal! Dave – Thank you for making last week’s video the most successful video in BDMC history… 6000 post views, […]

Credit Issues in Mortgages-Video

Credit Issues in Mortgages – Live video with Black Diamond Mortgage in Montana. Hello internet universe! Welcome to our first facebook live broadcast! We are taking a break from closing deals and grabbing a coffee, so we thought we’d take a moment to cover “important tips” for closing tough deals! I’m David Boye Maria Phelps […]