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My Most “Ram”bunctious Interview Yet!

Listen on Spotify: Dave: [00:00:01] Welcome back to Making It Work in Montana. My name is David Boye, and I’m here today with Jenna Gilliland. Jenna: [00:00:08] Hi, Dave. Hi, everyone. Dave: [00:00:10] And making it work in Montana is about whatever I think is interesting about making it work in Montana. Indeed, we’re up […]

What you really need to know for 2023…

Zach. Hey, Dave. Here we are. We made it. We made it live. Where are we at? We are getting close to 2023. Oh, man. Whitefish, Montana. What do you think of the 2022? How are the rates today, Zach? Rates do not stay a rate on the program. They are great. Great. Exactly what […]

FHA – You Deserve a 2nd Chance!

We are in Montana today. And I just want to tell you about the 2nd Chance loan. I call it that because there’s a loan product available for people buying in Montana. It’s nationwide, but it’s called FHA, and it’s been around for years. And it focuses on ensuring people who need a little help […]

Plan for 2023

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. It is your black Diamond mortgage. Minute of the day. Maria is here, and we’re kind of talking about the importance of planning. Why do you need to be ready for 2023? What do you think? Yeah, now is a great time. It is October. You’re starting to figure out […]

HELOCS – What are they?

Hey, friends. Rylee Kuntz and Zach Falk here from Black Diamond Mortgage. And we’re just hopping on here real quick today to chat with you about the advantages of a hillock. A HELOC, what is it, HELOC? Home equity line of credit. So a ton of you have just gobs of equity because the market […]

Chelsea Speer – Turning Point Dance

We’re back in the studio here at Making It Work in Montana, and we have done a lot of episodes since we started. We’ve talked to a guy that was mauled by a grizzly bear. We’ve talked to home builders, mountaineers. A lot of things you think about when you think of Montana. But what […]

Stephanie Breck – From Addiction to Fitness

Stephanie is with us to share her story about alcohol addiction, being and Attorney, a 53 year old influencer, and Swimsuit Competitor! Hear her story about her struggles and triumphs. She shares how she got into fitness and how it led her to sobriety. Also hear some behind the scenes into the fitness world and […]

Fighter – Entrepreneur – Montana Native – Taylor Reed

Taylor Reed joins us for our 15th episode of Making it Work in Montana. Taylor is a 4th generation Montanan and is a focused and disciplined businessman. He owns and operates three different businesses – Reed Painting, Reed Construction, and Reed Coatings. Taylor spent his formative years in the valley mastering taekwondo, mixed martial arts, […]

Jess Cerra – Entrepreneur, Chef, Cyclist and Founder of the Last Best Ride

And we are BACK! After a long stretch and COVID craziness, I have a treat for you! Jess Cerra is defined as a Super Fast Lane Women…. she comes from a small but very well known town of Whitefish, Montana. Jess was raised in Whitefish and impacted greatly by the resources from the High School […]

Why Business is Deeply Personal – with Nomad CEO Will Schmautz

Please enjoy our 14th episode of our series Marking It Work In Montana! This episode focuses on why personal connections within the world of business are so critical to success. We interviewed Founding Member and President and CEO of Nomad Global Communications (GCS), Will Schmautz. Nomad GCS is a locally owned and operated specialty vehicle […]