Small Business Saturday?
Many will get an interest rate in the 2′ or 3’s!

2020, Its been a rush like the old Gold Rush Days…. You might be able to get your interest rate in the 2’s or 3’s before the rush ends…

– Did you get a mortgage in 2020 in the 3’s (or earlier and in the 4’s?) and do you wish your interest rate was in the 2’s? (Timing is everything with rates, locks and refi costs) Let’s check on you…send us an email or message, we will be offering low cost rate drop options as long as we can through 2021 for clients that have made at least 6 or more payments with us (or available immediately if you took a loan with another lender) and we will check to see if you can get a net tangible benefit with another refi
– Credit, cash out, home values, income, PMI can all affect your loan terms. You need to apply to see your official loan terms.
– No loan is being offered here without an application, but most clients these days are in the 2’s or 3’s! Apply at

106 2nd Street E in Whitefish NMLS 209137

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