Meet Darel Handley

Hope…It’s a very powerful thing. Growing up, life was good. I loved the people in my life and was thankful for each of them. But…there was always a piece missing. I would lay in my bed every night as a young person and wonder why I was here, and what my purpose in life was. I wasn’t sad, depressed, angry, or anything like that. There was just something missing.

Fast forward to my middle school years. Through a series of crazy events, I was invited to a youth group. I wasn’t a church person and had been to church fewer times than I could count on my hands. But…this night was different. I heard a life altering message that I couldn’t shake. There’s a God in heaven who loves me. He not only loves me, but he came to remedy a problem that all humans face. That night I realized that although I was broken and selfish, God loved me enough to send his Son Jesus to die for me. The consistent question of, “Why am I here?” was finally answered. My purpose was made known. I’m here to be connected to God and share his love and hope with everyone I can!!! Although I’m still imperfect…I’m connected to God, forgiven, and passionate about sharing this hope with others.

 The reality is that we all need hope. You, me…everyone. Serving people in the mortgage industry is another chance to share hope. There are so many people who really want to own a home here in Montana, but they don’t think it’s possible. I’m here to tell people, “It is possible, lets make it happen!”


NMLS Licenses:

Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation #209137 

  Darel Handley, NMLS Consumer Access License #1967311

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