Meet Zach Falk!

Zach Falk’s Story:

When I was in high school, I had many different dreams and goals that I thought were of utmost importance. At first, I wanted to be a lawyer (I know, I know – what was I thinking?!), then I wanted to be a pastor (some might consider those polar opposites), but what I landed on ended up being the most important decision of my life – I decided to be a husband and a father. To use a cheesy and cliché phrase (that’s entirely true by the way), the woman of my dreams entered my life my junior year of high school.

Since that day, I’ve been constantly learning and enjoying the importance of quality time spent with those you love, and at the same time making sure you never “settle” in any area of life. In the vein of never settling for “easy,” we married shortly after high school and now have 3 young boys – almost 4, 2, and 5 months – and pouring into them is my priority.

This drive to continually pour into my family is the same drive that I employ at the golf course, on the basketball court, on the soccer field, at the poker table, on a run, and at the office. I have so much fun competing in all aspects of life, which means I’m never satisfied being content with where I am. So whether I’m striving to break par, throw assists, score goals, take your money in the form of chips, beat you in a race, or scour rate sheets for a great DEAL, I will always work hard to be the best I can be! It’s who I am.

NMLS Licenses:

Black Diamond Mortgage Corporation #209137  

Zach Falk , NMLS Consumer Access License #2082543

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