Thank you for coming to our event!

We wanted to give a special THANK YOU to everyone that attended our Gone Fishing Event last month! As you may remember, our theme was ‘Stay in the Boat’. We enjoyed some excellent food by our own Grill Masters with Local Grassfed Beef by KM Montana, and also some yummy dessert by Delectable Desserts! And don’t

FAST 24/7 Mortgage Approvals!!!

Check out Dave Boye’s important message from the summit of Big Mountain/Whitefish Ski Resort! Today we had a client who needed a question answered at 5:30 (after business hours) and we got back to them with the answer quickly, which illustrates the most important point: that we are in the business of being EASY TO

Multiple underwriting systems mean multiple ways to get your loan approved!

Hear Maria Phelps and our new loan officer, Matt Rizzolo, explain the multiple ways Black Diamond Mortgage can get your loan approved through different underwriting systems. Some recently experienced Fannie v Freddie differences: – Different debt to income ratio approvals – Different property analysis (private road maintenance agreements, water systems, condominiums (condos), shared wall agreements)

Stay in the Boat, Mortgages and More!

When we look at a Mortgage Transaction and all that goes into reaching the closing table, we notice that the principles of the transaction can easily be recognized by all professions. Most situations that you come across require someone, or a few members of the team, to ‘Stay in the Boat’ to get things done.

No Down Payment, No Problem!

Is your savings balance a little low these days? We have zero down options for your home purchase! Just bought a new car or truck and now you can’t afford a down payment on a house? You might be able to borrow against an asset, or use gift funds from family to help with your

Class V Networking Experience

Join us Thursday May 17th, 2018, from 5-7 pm at our new office in Whitefish for a Class V Networking Experience. We are at 106 2nd Street E in Whitefish, and we will be providing Food, Drinks, Music and great Networking!!! This is a networking event to rival all others! We know that networking events

We worry about mortgages so you don’t have to!

Check out Dave Boye of Black Diamond Mortgage enjoying a Saturday skiing near Glacier National Park. These guys are just worried about pow skiing – you didn’t hear them say they are worried about mortgages. That’s what we do! We worry about mortgages so you don’t have to!

Credit Scores & Credit Fundamentals

Credit Scores & Fundamentals course outline: The Cost of Poor Credit 3 Major Categories of “Credit Condition” Accurately know your credit What a creditor needs to loan to someone who has made mistake(s) Precision Credit Group ( ) Technical stuff Q&A The Cost of Poor Credit Delayed purchases Higher Interest Rates Ability to buy nicer

We all make mistakes :) Fix Your Credit February!

We all make mistakes! This month is Fix Your Credit February. This month we are doing classes on how to fix your credit with credit repair specialist Ryan Keip of Precision Credit Group. We can get loans for people that have made mistakes. If you’re worried about whether or not you can get a mortgage

JUMBO Mortgages! 1 Hour Crash Course!

  Course Outline JUMBO MORTGAGES – Introduction Do you actually need a JUMBO mortgage? Try to work with what you know JUMBOS are different (Why are they different?) Different ways of funding JUMBOS – Sources Property Valuation (Collateral) – Appraisal considerations QM vs NON-QM (underwriting regulation) Asset rich, but “income poor” JUMBO- Pre-Approval vs. Underwriting