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What does your credit score indicate? It indicates how trustworthy you are to borrow money.

– If your score is 800+, you have exceptional credit
– If your score is 740-799, you have very good credit
– If your score is 670-739, you have good credit
– If your score is 580-669, you have fair credit
– If your score is below 579, you have very poor credit

If you would like to improve your credit score, check out our tips!

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Black Diamond Mortgage Social Media Update!

Did you know that 50% of Americans bank with only one banker? It is best, however, to compare multiple lenders when it comes to getting a mortgage. Black Diamond Mortgage has relationships with several lenders to help you get the best rates on your mortgage! #BrokersAreBetter

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Black Diamond Mortgage Social Media Update!

Time to say bye to your PMI! A PMI sometimes can feel like you’re throwing money away. A refinance can help you get rid of your private mortgage insurance and any other accessory costs associated. Contact us today to see if you can get rid of your PMI! #PMBye #BrokersAreBetter

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VA Loans

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Black Diamond Mortgage Social Media Update!

Remember when all we kept talking about was “MAKE YOUR MORTGAGE PAYMENTS?”

Here is why… let us know if you need help getting out of trouble, we have some options

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Black Diamond Mortgage Social Media Update!

In honor of National Mortgage Broker Day, July 18th, here are some reasons why #brokersarebetter :
– Multiple options = more satisfied clients
– Unique challenges = more solutions
– We live, work and support YOUR local community, while also using Wholesale buying power to provide the best products and services available anywhere
– We only get paid if our client is satisfied, AND our clients don’t even have to pay us directly (we are compensated by the lender, not the borrower/client)
– We don’t pay billions in advertising to get your attention, we just deliver the best mortgages, and allow you to recommend us to your friends

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Is it time for a refinance?

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Black Diamond Mortgage Social Media Update!

Ready for this feeling, #theblackdiamondeffect ? People feel this great when they buy a new home or refinance to save money! We are seeing some of the best scenarios for affordability or home equity that we have ever seen! If you haven’t taken a look, please reach out so we can help you help yourself!

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Verify Assets


To be processed for a mortgage loan, we will need to verify that you have available funds. We will inform you how to verify your capital, but please keep the…